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When you gotta go and the bathroom is occupied

Desperate to pee.

Home Resident Faces Arson Charge ...

Middle Township Police Department received a 911 call Aug. 30 that there was a structure fire at the Goshen Group Home, 119 State Highway 47.



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Panasonic WhisperGreen Interminable Operation Bathroom Fan with Motion Sensor and Lights - FV-08VKML3

Panasonic WhisperGreen Interminable Operation Bathroom Fan with Motion Sensor and Lights - FV-08VKML3

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Price: $477.36

CLICK HERE TO Upon PRODUCT VIDEOPanasonic Bathroom Fan with Motion Sensor and Lights FV-08VKML3 (replaces FV-08VKML1, FV-08VKML2) CFM: 30-80 Sones: < 0.3 to 0.3 CFM / Watt: 6.6 - 12.5 6 Year Warranty on DC Motor Duct Diameter (inches): 4 Mounting Opening (inches sq.): 10 7/8 Grille Size (inches sq.): 13 Overall Dimensions: (H x W x D) 13 x 13 x 7 7/8 Lamp Watts: 1 x 32 with 4 watt night light This fan is designed to run continuously ensuring a healthy climate at low CFM levels 24 hours a day. NOTE: This NEW model can also be configured for spot (non-continuous) ventilation! This fan is also built to take care of the homeowners spot ventilation needs when the room is occupied. This fan kicks-up to a maximum level of 80 CFM when the switch is turned on or activated by the SmartAction Motion Sensor. A High/Low Delay Timer, located inside the fan unit, is utilized to return the fan back to the pre-set continuous ventilation mode (or off altogether). SmartActionTM Motion Sensor Activates when someone enters the room, eliminates the need to manually turn the fan on or off. Constant CFM Performance This WhisperGreen model features built-in intelligence called SmartFlow Optimum CFM Technology. This unique electronic-brain lets the fan do what was once thought to be impossible, perform at a constant CFM regardless of elbows and other factors that might hinder performance. Basically, when a WhisperGreen fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure that the desired CFM is actually achieved. This allows the fan to perform as rated and makes for easier installation because the installer no longer has to worry as much about compromising the fan's performance. Uses ultra energy-efficient DC motor. DC Brushless Motor Panasonic's DC brushless motor provides unparalleled energy efficiency with its magnetic rotor and prin

Bathroom Lighting Guide

Electronics Projects Vol. 21

Into the Out Of

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  1. Middle Township Police Department received a 911 call Aug. 30 that there was a structure fire at the Goshen Group Home, 119 State Highway 47.
  2. In the most recent iteration of renovating the office location that we have occupied since 2004, we partnered with a design team from Gensler to create a space that embraces our organizational mission: one that is not only healthy and beautiful for
  3. They were kept waiting for a long time, a tense interlude in which she occupied herself with the question of how she would redesign the waiting room if it had to become their permanent home. She had created domestic spaces for so many At home
  1. white lady just tried the handle of a companion care bathroom that clearly has an occupied light on. she is alone-- u gotta poop that bad?


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Automatic Bathroom Light Switch Circuit
Here is a simple and low cost automatic bathroom light circuit. The light automatically turns on when the bathroom door is opened, and remains lit in the o

Best Locations for Bathroom Light Switches
Where to Locate Bathroom Light Switches: Planning the layout and design for the bathroom, the location of light fixtures and switches.

21 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Bring New Concepts To Light
Unlike the living room or the bedroom, the bathroom doesn’t get much attention. We don’t really analyze the style and decor of this space because it’s meant to ...

Low voltage LED room information signs

Low voltage LED room information signs
Image by


Image by

airplane bathroom signs - a gallery on Flickr

airplane bathroom signs - a gallery on Flickr
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hippo love -- a story of two paintings : painting, scott richard, san francisco (2010)
PRESS PLAY i made two of these paintings for the same person. in the end, i gained another one of my "sorry for pulling the rug out from under you" stories which i so enjoy sharing. these stories are fraught with the naivety of my own self, which just goes to show that toleration and kindness are truly gifts to the world. and, like any good gift, it is easily traded for something else. like drugs. anyway, back to the story. i lived on mount davidson when i first moved up to the city for the third time (1989, 1991, and 2010). and moving to the city is always a big deal for me. i dread social interaction, but i also love it. i'm fascinated by people, but i'm also a hyper processor of information and that makes it hard for others to be around me -- i'm a bit like a machine that won't stop working. only certain types of personality types can put up with this kind of behavior. and i know this, so i keep mostly to myself. but street photography was becoming a great...
dangerous women's sink
my bathroom sink. the space is extremely small, with a bifold door at an angle. my airplane-inspired bathroom. all i need is an "occupied/vacant" sign.
lighter burn on bathroom ceiling, ashley's, ann arbor, MI
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Home Resident Faces Arson Charge
When officers approached Dolan, he had a cigarette lighter in his hand and was allegedly attempting to light the bathroom window curtain on fire ... damaged to the point where it could no longer be occupied. The incident is under investigation by Miller ...

Whole house remodel with two rear additions is perfect solution for busy working professionals with children
Robert Brooks and Julie Griffith, both lawyers, had occupied a 2,800 square foot Colonial in McLean ... and other first level rooms did not circulate well. Upstairs, the master bathroom was too small; owing to rusty pipes and leaks, the suite's tub and ...

Tenant, landlord share versions of dispute
St. George points to her problems as a reason that the city of Parsons should have a rental unit inspection program, requiring the building inspector to check out rental units prior to them being occupied by ... dripping through a light socket screw ...