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Oil Heat Cares Foundation donates new boiler and installation to grateful NYC family

Gonzalez, a member of the New York City chapter of OESP who had patched up the family's old boiler in the past to give it as much life as possible, encouraged Orizal to apply for a grant through “Oil Heat Cares,” the OESP's national charity. “As soon



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The Warm Front Scheme

The Department of Energy and Climate Change's Warm Front Scheme to tackle fuel poverty in England helped to improve the energy efficiency of over 635,000 households between June 2005 and March 2008. There were, however, 1.9 million vulnerable households in 2006, so this rate of progress will still leave many in fuel poverty in 2010. The installation of central heating systems and insulation in homes has helped vulnerable. 86 per cent of assisted households are either highly satisfied or satisfied with the work done. The delivery of the Scheme has been largely effective but it has been impaired by problems in Scheme design. The Government's use of proxy measures, such as benefit entitlement, to determine who is eligible for Scheme grants is a pragmatic approach, but it has resulted in...

Renewal of the Federal Grant for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Right-of-way

From coal to carbon capture: Vintage Illinois power plant highlights challenges of energy transition

When the Abbott Power Plant began operation in September 1940, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running for a historic third term, the Battle of Britain raged over London’s skies, and the cartoon character Bugs Bunny had only recently made... Seventy-six years later, the heat and power generation plant in Champaign, Il. still supplies the majority of the energy for the University of Illinois’ flagship campus. Its development has been shaped by fickle market forces, geopolitical turmoil and rising environmental concern that stretch well beyond Illinois and the Midwest. Abbott has added new, more efficient turbines and boilers. Oil embargoes roiled global markets in the 1970s, and so the plant switched fuel sources (and switched back again). Today, Abbott looks toward a smarter, cleaner energy future with an eye toward technology that would capture planet-warming emissions before they escape into the atmosphere. It is also a reminder that while a lot has changed in energy over time, a lot has also stayed the same. In 1940, an estimated 92 percent of primary energy consumed by Americans came from fossil fuels. That’s despite the invention and rise of nuclear, solar, wind and other forms of power. Similarly, Abbott was built to burn fossil fuels to provide heat and electricity for the growing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus. Today, it continues to use a mix of coal, natural gas and fuel oil – albeit more cleanly and efficiently – to supply up to 89 percent of the campus’ energy needs. Solar production and an array of energy-savings measures have been added to the campus portfolio, but the overall energy profile remains the same. The challenge – as evident at UIUC and elsewhere – lies in the myriad needs energy generation must satisfy and the vast, heavy-duty infrastructure needed to sustain it. Consumers have come to demand energy that is simultaneously cheap, reliable,... Meeting all of those benchmarks for a campus that consumes roughly 28,000 households worth of energy per year can be a tall order. “We’re trying to balance all of those things as much as possible,” says Mike Larson, director of utility operations at UIUC. The stakes are particularly high, Larson notes, given that the university spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in research , much of which requires that steam and electricity service be uninterrupted. These constraints might help explain why – despite urgent calls to reduce carbon-based energy sources that contribute to climate change – building a smart, clean power grid doesn’t typically happen overnight. While the energy industry is increasingly supported by telecommunication innovations, it has yet to match the quick, Moore’s-Law pace with which Silicon Valley evolves. “If there’s an issue [with a piece of information technology], they download a patch, no problem,” says Kevin O’Brien, director of Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) at UIUC’s Prairie Research Institute. In this marketplace of power generation – being able to deliver reliable power that’s also affordable – 90 percent success would not make it at all. That’s one of the things that’s really different in the energy space. Beyond coal Like many public and private institutions, the University of Illinois shares in the push to transition to cleaner, smarter energy sources. In 2010, UIUC was the first Big Ten institution to submit a climate action plan to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. That plan outlined a path toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. It called for a study of how the university might eliminate all coal use by 2017. Five years later, an extensive review of the school’s utilities operations warned that doing so... ” The price volatility of switching to natural gas – in conjunction with the cost of accelerating new energy investment – was of great financial concern. “Over the past few years, renewable energy investments have become much more cost effective, but often still require significant subsidies to compete with traditional energy sources,” the school’s Utility Master.


  1. Gonzalez, a member of the New York City chapter of OESP who had patched up the family's old boiler in the past to give it as much life as possible, encouraged Orizal to apply for a grant through “Oil Heat Cares,” the OESP's national charity. “As soon
  2. Gonzalez, a member of the New York City chapter of OESP who had patched up the family's old boiler in the past, encouraged Orizal to apply for a grant through “Oil Heat Cares,” the OESP's national charity. Orizal's application was quickly approved, and 
  3. “As soon as I read the Orizal family's grant application, I knew it was another perfect opportunity for Oil Heat Cares to step in,” said Gonzalez, a vocational instructor at Bronx Design and Construction Academy High School. “This is an opportunity to
  1. @Titanheat I went the opposite way mate, fitted worcester oil boilers for years now only fit grant as I felt they were a better boiler
  2. Get a FREE hoodie with every Grant boiler purchased. Register & buy online here:
  3. Get a FREE hoodie with every Grant boiler purchased. Register & buy online here:


Edible Massage Oil Recipe (apricot, grape seed oil)

Achiote Oil (annatto seeds, vegetable oil)

Cauliflower Soup With White Truffle Oil Recipe (cauliflower, chives, carrot, garlic, romano cheese, onions, chicken broth, butter, truffle oil, white wine)

Sweet Love Massage Oil An Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Recipe (orange, vegetable oil)


Oil & Biomass Boilers, Solar & Thermal Products ... - Grant UK
From award winning oil-fired condensing boilers to the latest renewable products, our heating systems have a reputation for quality that is second to none.

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Oil Fired Boiler Case Studies Out with the old and in with the Blue! Since its launch last month, demand for the innovative new Grant VortexBlue oil-fired condensing ...

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Grant Boilers. The Grant Vortex range is an award-winning range of condensing boilers that have come to be relied upon as some of the most efficient oil-fired boilers ...

Grant Vortex Boilerhouse-Grant-Davies

Grant Vortex Boilerhouse-Grant-Davies
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... -21 kW External Sealed System Oil Boiler - VTXSOMWH1621 | Oil Boilers

... -21 kW External Sealed System Oil Boiler - VTXSOMWH1621 | Oil Boilers
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Grant Oil Boilers

Grant Oil Boilers
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Pencil Pusher
Not widely known is railroad involvement in early development of plotter and printer technology. Shown at work on the Atlantic Coast Line around 1930, in “G” scale, it was necessary to recruit dwarf Chinese elves to operate this equipment. Many lost their lives performing the hazardous labor. Given the high-pressure atmosphere of industrial design, boiler explosions were common. Unlike Irish leprechauns, the Chinese were considered expendable by railroad robber barons. ACL management had hoped to eliminate a draftsman position in the Engineering Department with this innovation. The ramifications for the industry would be much, much more. The idea caught on. Always looking for new ways to reduce forces, a brash young VP-Engineering, D. W. Brosnan, was so impressed that he ordered 1000 Baldwin File Drivers for use on Southern Railway. He later experimented with having SR's Pegram Shops modify one to take shorthand, so he could fire his secretary, who had mistakenly put sugar...
NYC - West Village: 75½ Bedford Street
At 9½ ft. wide, 75½ Bedford St is the narrowest house in the city. On the inside, it measures 8 ft. 7 in. wide; at its narrowest, it’s 2 ft. wide. From the facade to the rear garden the house is a cozy 30 ft. deep. This picturesque three-story red-brick structure owns a history a lot wider than its walls, though. It was built in 1873 during a small pox epidemic, for Horatio Homez, trustee of the Hettie Hendricks-Gomez Estate, on what was a former carriage entranceway, with stables to the rear, between 75 and 77 Bedford Street. However, the assessed value of the plot of land did not change, suggesting that it’s possible the house had built prior to that, but never recorded. It originally served as a cobbler’s shop, and then a candy factory (and home to candy marker Martha Banta in 1880). Thomas Newett, a shopper, lived here in the 1890’s. By the 1920's, the neighborhood became largely working class Italian and Victor Ponchoine, an immigrant vineyard cooper, resided here wit his...
Water filled fin-tube heating element under plant tables at Good Harvest Farm on April 19, 2011 in Strasburg, PA, was completed using a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant for the renovation six months ago that replaced an 80-year old structure with a new 4,000 sq. ft. structure that features energy efficient glass roof with curtains that block or trap heat, radiant heaters in or above the floor, and the replacement of an oil-fired hot-air furnaces with propane fueled boilers that supply fin-tube and cement embedded tube elements with hot water. With current fuel prices, there is a projected 2011 energy cost savings of more than $20,000; a 40% reduction in energy costs – exceeding projected savings. Plant health and quality has improved and been more consistent because the temperature and humidity is computer controlled and distributed evenly throughout the facility. Utilizing sensors and a roof mounted weather station the system can maintain four different climate zones...

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Oil Heat Cares Foundation donates new boiler and installation to grateful NYC family
Gonzalez, a member of the New York City chapter of OESP who had patched up the family’s old boiler in the past to give it as much life as possible, encouraged Orizal to apply for a grant through “Oil Heat Cares,” the OESP’s national charity.

Workwork Ltd Helping Customers to Install a Brand New Oil Boiler through a government grant!
WEMBLEY, U.K. - Jan. 7, 2017 - PRLog-- As a part of its wider climate change and fuel poverty policy, UK government has initiated ECO (energy company obligation) grants to lower nation's carbon emission. Inefficient heating systems and old boilers in the ...

New Lebanese govt OKs oil decrees to start stalled tender process
Ltd. Social Development / NSFAS to Announce on Grant Beneficiaries African Press Organization Buying ... Trend and Forecast 2021 WiseGuy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Egg-boiler Global Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis and Forecast to 2021 ...