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Wells Fargo scandal: To customers, 'this is like identity theft'

Former Wells Fargo customer service representative Kevin Pham says employees were under “boiler-room pressure” to hit sales quotas. “We were like a lion on the hunt “This is a violation of trust, and that violation of trust will have a longer



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Leadership is crucial to the success of any organisation. But how can one seek to most effectively develop the leadership ability of both themselves, and others? How should one define leadership? Are great leaders born or made? This text addresses such fundamental questions via a comprehensive and critical approach to the discussion of key leadership theories. The text encourages the reader to consider the role of both follower and leader in the leadership process, and to recognise the emergence of both effective, and destructive, leadership. Each chapter features 'Expert Insights' on leadership, written by leaders in their respective fields. These insights offer the reader a valuable real-world perspective of leadership that enriches the abstract theory covered in each chapter. The...

The Watchdog That Didn't Bark

In this sweeping, incisive post mortem, Dean Starkman exposes the critical shortcomings that softened coverage in the business press during the mortgage era and the years leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. He locates the roots of the problem in the origin of business news as a market messaging service for investors in the early twentieth century. This access-dependent strain of journalism was soon opposed by the grand, sweeping work of the muckrakers. Propelled by the innovations of Bernard Kilgore, the great postwar editor of the Wall Street Journal, these two genres merged when mainstream American news organizations institutionalized muckraking in the 1960s, creating a powerful guardian of the public interest. Yet as the mortgage era dawned, deep cultural and structural...

Low bar: How lawyers profit off desperate homeowners

In 2012, after a heart attack left him too ill to work and unable to make his mortgage payments on time, John M. Green turned to the Litvin Law Firm for help. Green said he paid the firm some $8,000 over the next two years to negotiate better terms with the lender on his house in Baker, Louisiana. But he lost the home anyway, he says, because the Brooklyn, New York, law firm did little beyond taking his money. “My experience was horrible,” said Green, 72, who is back at work part-time as a school teacher. “They didn’t follow through with anything they said they were going to do. ”. It’s not just former Litvin clients like Green who are aggrieved. The attorneys general of New York and Maryland have accused the firm of preying on distressed homeowners by failing to deliver the legal firepower it promised. People deeply in arrears on their mortgages wasted money they could ill afford to lose, while dozens lost their homes, Maryland officials charged. The case, filed in 2014, targets the firm and its founder, attorney Gennady Litvin. Since 2010, tens of thousands of strapped homeowners have alleged they were cheated by lawyers or marketers boasting ties to law firms, whom they trusted to renegotiate mortgage loans or stave off foreclosure actions, a Center for Public Integrity... Since 2010, a coalition of consumer and law enforcement groups organized by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has tracked companies and law firms that promise to “rescue” homeowners from foreclosure and mostly fail to deliver. The group has collected more than 46,000 written complaints from homeowners whose losses totaled more than $100 million — nearly two-thirds linked to apparent misconduct by lawyers or their associates. Minorities accounted for just over half the complaints, and they tended to lose more money than whites. “They take $3,000 from someone who only has that much, not from a population with a lot of wealth,” said Michael Tanglis, of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Tanglis analyzed the complaint data at the request of the Center for Public Integrity. Many victims haven’t recovered much, if any, of their money. The Federal Trade Commission, which has the duty to protect consumers, and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which oversees lenders and financial companies, have won more than $341 million in civil judgments against foreclosure... The sheer number of attorneys who have engaged in dubious foreclosure enterprises — the Center’s research identified more than 1,000 nationwide — also has vexed state bar associations and courts that both license lawyers and run funds to... Bar groups say the schemes are clearly illegal, yet attorneys who help orchestrate them mostly escape serious discipline, while victims often aren’t compensated, the Center found. Brooklyn attorney Litvin and his firm, for instance, both filed for bankruptcy protection last year to get out from under debts. When he agreed in 2012 to pay a $1,700 upfront fee and $595 a month to cut his mortgage payment, he considered it a good deal. A paralegal emailed him requesting documents, but each time he phoned the firm asking about progress on his case, all he got was a brush-off, he said in a court filing. Gardea told the Center he eventually saved his home from foreclosure with the help of a local attorney. He feels the Litvin firm deceived him. “I just hope to see some kind of money in my mailbox one of these days,” Gardea said. Meanwhile, new scams on foreclosure rescue are playing out in some communities, particularly ones with hot real-estate markets. Vulnerable homeowners, often minorities and immigrants, say they have been tricked into signing over their property deeds to scammers who used illegal or unethical pressure tactics to gain their trust. Having a lawyer at the table in these deals adds “a veneer of authenticity,” said Jenny Eisenberg, a Brooklyn, New York, legal-aid attorney. A trillion in wealth vanished when the nation’s housing bubble burst nearly a decade ago, devastating many working-class homeowners. In 2008, more than 3 million homes were foreclosed on nationwide as real estate prices tanked and millions of people lost their jobs. A year later, federal officials rolled out the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, hoping to keep millions of others.


  1. Former Wells Fargo customer service representative Kevin Pham says employees were under “boiler-room pressure” to hit sales quotas. “We were like a lion on the hunt “This is a violation of trust, and that violation of trust will have a longer
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  3. Those included two insider trading cases, an action alleging violations of the whistleblower provisions, another against a community bank tied to allegations about the valuation of its loan reserves, a financial fraud case against Weatherford


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John Thomas Financial: The Other Side of Wall Street ...
David Pitts, a John Thomas spokesman at public relations firm Argot Partners, says the brokerage isn’t a boiler room. It helps real companies raise money ...

John Thomas Financial - Wikipedia
John Thomas Financial was a privately held financial services firm located in the Financial District of New York City. It closed in July 2013 after its founder ...

Thomas Belesis - Wikipedia
Thomas Belesis; Occupation: CEO and President: Employer: John Thomas Financial

Belesis brothers, ex-John Thomas brokers emerge at new firm

Belesis brothers, ex-John Thomas brokers emerge at new firm
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of accused con man Thomas Quinn's luxurious French villa. WSJ's John ...

of accused con man Thomas Quinn's luxurious French villa. WSJ's John ...
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Baseline Middle School students.The idea for the mural came from John ...

Baseline Middle School students.The idea for the mural came from John ...
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Let Buffett Cleanse Wells Fargo's Boiler Room
The history of financial stocks is spotty ... Solomon Brothers was a great case of a dominant house whose raised-finger culture foretold trouble. John Gutfreund was Solly and Solly was John Gutfreund. It’s why the Street never chose to pay much of ...

NEWS BRIEFS: AAUW Port Townsend seeks nominations for 2017 Woman of Excellence Award … and other items
PORT TOWNSEND — The American Association of University Women-Port Townsend is seeking nominations for the 2017 Woman of Excellence Award. Nominations are due Nov. 1. The organization annually honors a woman who has contributed significantly to Jefferson ...

Celtic investors are being targeted by suspected ‘boiler room’ fraudsters
“Following a recent increase in the prevalence of so called ´boiler room´ scams, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries have produced advice warning investors about unsolicited communications concerning investment ...