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Magnifique Vintage Antique Crystal Italian Chandelier Bronze Lamp Classic Luster

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Get your decadence on in this $15.9 million River Oaks mansion ...

Luxurious doesn't even begin to describe a multi-million, 21500-square-foot luxury now on the market in River Oaks. The neoclassical home boasts marble 

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Luminary 34-inch 'Sun Ray' Antique Silver Wall Mirror

Luminary 34-inch 'Sun Ray' Antique Silver Wall Mirror

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $196.06

An antique silver finish highlights this unique Luminary wall mirror. This mirror features beveled edges.

Anna e Alex Ivory Chandelier Necklace

Anna e Alex Ivory Chandelier Necklace

(The New York Times Company Store)

Price: $350.00

Made of passementerie, 925 silver and colored jades, this necklace is one size and can be adjusted to fit everyone. Passamenterie is a grand artisanal tradition that in Italy resists every attempt at serial standardization. Trusted to the experience and talent of few, the art has defended its identity and at the same time manages to find new and original modes of utilization, as in the collections of the feminine ornaments of Anna e Alex. The new passementerie creations experiment with more complex shapes, utilizing even more sophisticated antique handicraft methods such as the intreccio ricco (rich braid).Traditional Italian passamenterie, vintage crystal drops, semi-precious stones, Murano glass beads and more find a new soul and dimension in the ornaments designed by Anna e Alex. The singular materials are reinterpreted with an elegant, contemporary twist. The designers behind Anna e Alex met in Rome while working at Bvlgari. Together they launched Anna e Alex to express their creativity through real objects with soul, authenticity, and tradition. As this item is on sale, no further discounts or coupon codes apply.

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The deadlocked Papal conclave turns to a compromise candidate, Anthony Cardinal Pavelli. Ordained at fifty years of age, and in declining health, the seventy-two year old American, is an unlikely choice. Reluctantly accepting the scepter as God's will, the Pontiff is eager to reinvigorate the Church by initiating sweeping reforms. A group of ruthless cardinals, each with his own agenda, band together to stop the reforms by discrediting the Pope. Shadowy Vatican forces spread rumors and half-truths about the Pope's former secular life. His Papacy is teetering, on the verge of implosion. The Pope takes his fight to the media and leads a peace mission to Ireland in an effort to bolster his image as a world leader. When the Pope can't be derailed by twisted Machiavellian tactics his enemies...

The Most Mysterious House in Texas: Pitch Black Stunner Raises Eyebrows — and Outlasts Its Haunting Critics - PaperCity Magazine (press release) (blog)

rive one-hour west on I-30 from Dallas, and you’ll run into Weatherford, Texas, population 25,000. You may know it already as the birthplace of Rodgers and Hammerstein muse Mary Martin, who was best known for her portrayal of Peter Pan on Broadway. More recently, though, Weatherford has drawn attention for another fascinating hometown character: a raven-hued 19th-century house owned by Dallas couple Richard and Chad Bettinger. More than 60 Queen Anne- and Victorian-era homes still stand in Weatherford — but you can’t miss this one. “It’s the only black house in town,” says Richard, a fine art photographer and outside sales rep for David Sutherland showroom. Chad is the studio director for Newlon Collection , known for its artisan wallpapers depicting Richard’s images and available at Sutherland and on Newlon’s website. The unexpectedly edgy throwback of a house seems a good fit for the couple: Richard has a penchant for wearing black cowboy hats and boots. Chad’s dark, bushy beard is both retro and hipster. For their engagement, the pair borrowed 19th-century men’s clothing and top hats, and had a photographer capture them in sepia, looped arm in arm in their parlor. Nicknamed the Black House for its dark-as-pitch paint job, the couple’s weekend retreat has captured Weatherford’s imagination, along with readers of Richard’s popular Facebook page , where he’s chronicled the ongoing transformation for almost... Some Weatherford residents posted comments on the Chamber of Commerce’s website, suspicious of the house’s brooding exterior and drawn blinds. Curiosity seekers snap selfies on the porch or knock on the door, wanting to know more. Hundreds of children descend on the house at Halloween, and it was part of last year’s Candlelight Tour of Homes. The town is warming to the unconventional house: Recently, an elderly couple flagged down Richard, who was gardening in the front yard. He was expecting a tongue lashing but instead won praise — they told him the house was not only beautiful, but it brought them joy each day when they drive past. Designers have embraced the Black House’s esoteric countenance, with Elizabeth Robertson and Ann and David Sutherland making the pilgrimage from Dallas to Weatherford to see it. The house has served as backdrop for Neiman Marcus and Kim Dawson... Chad first came up with the idea to paint the house’s exterior and trim coal black after researching Scandinavian design blogs, which had a number of similarly painted Victorians. “They were striking,” says Chad. “And Richard was brave enough to try it. ” Richard liked the idea because the garden’s greenery and flowers would pop against the ebony background, setting a mood. “The house has its own presence,” he says. eatherford was still the Wild West in 1874 when the Black House was built by the town postmaster. ” In 1905, a cattle rancher bought the house and added a second floor with bedrooms for his three daughters. “I like to think about how much life has been experienced in the 123 years of the house,” says Richard, who purchased it from a woman who sewed draperies styled from the period and laboriously hand-stenciled walls in patterns documented from the... The original wood floors downstairs were refurbished years ago, and they ripped out the 1970s carpet upstairs, revealing wood planks. The original woodwork, including the doors, had never been painted, leaving everything with a lovely patina, he says. They let the house be itself. Says Richard: “Some people totally renovate, and then it’s not an old house any more. This is not the first historic house he has owned and refurbished in Weatherford — he’s lived in these relics off and on for 15 years, including the Mary Martin house — but the Black House is the oldest one yet. The previous owner had “goofy-looking Victorian furniture throughout,” he says, but they’ve made it their own with a handful of 19th-century antiques and contemporary furnishings from Sutherland, Donghia, and Richard Shapiro. A white enamel and chrome stove from the 1950s, purchased for the kitchen from a store in Weatherford, looks just like the one Richard’s grandmother had. Walls are hung with their own.


  1. Luxurious doesn't even begin to describe a multi-million, 21500-square-foot luxury now on the market in River Oaks. The neoclassical home boasts marble 
  2. Italian splendor scale, 1940s, from Ceylon et Cie. In the smoking room beyond, mirrored kidney Dining-room chandelier from a Dallas estate. Period American Gothic chairs in Donghia fabric. Antique Eastlake chair. Weatherford was still the Wild
  3. A little over two months after a prominent Georgia attorney said he accidentally shot dead his socialite wife in an SUV, the widower held an estate sale of his wife's colossal collection of designer clothing, promoted as 'a fashionista's dream closet'.
  1. Antique Italian Eight-Arm Beaded Chandelier #Chandeliers #Lighting #HomeDecor…
  2. RT @ALDENatics_UAE: Repost from cousin bae april. "Obsessing about these antique Italian chandeliers" #ALDUBInsecurities -she- https://t…


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Antiques Atlas - Italian Chandelier

Antiques Atlas - Italian Chandelier
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Antique Italian Chandelier at 1stdibs

Antique Italian Chandelier at 1stdibs
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Chandeliers | Morton's Antiques

Chandeliers | Morton's Antiques
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Pavlovsk Palace. Павловский Дворец. Pavlovsk Palace is an 18th-century Russian Imperial residence built by Paul I of Russia in Pavlovsk, near Saint Petersburg. After his death, it became the home of his widow, Maria Feodorovna. The palace and the large English garden surrounding it are now a Russian state museum and public park. Creation In 1777 The Empress Catherine II of Russia gave a parcel of a thousand hectares of forest along the winding Slavyanka River, four kilometers from her residence at Tsarskoye Selo, to her son and heir Paul I and his wife Maria Feodorovna, to celebrate the birth of their first son, the future Alexander I of Russia. At the time the land was given to Paul and Maria Feodorovna, there were two rustic log lodges in the called 'Krik' and 'Krak.' Paul and his wife spent the summers of 1777 to 1780 in Krik, while their new homes and the garden were being built.[1] They began by building two wooden buildings, one kilometer apart. Paul's house, a two-story...
FLOWN: Italian chandelier
The Living Room ~ Consignment Gallery & Tea ~ 6524 NE 181st, Suite 10, Kenmore, WA 98028 425-877-1074
Fermo, Marche, Italy - Lampadario -Antique chandelier by Gianni Del Bufalo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Palazzo dei Priori- Sala dei ritratti - Lampadario
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