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Installing / Replace A Three Way Dimmer Switch

Ever wonder how to install a dimmer switch on a three lighting circuit. Well think no more.

Elgato Eve Light Switch

Although Lutron's Caséta Wireless System was the first to offer HomeKit-compatible in-wall dimmers, it's worth noting that Elgato's new Light Switch represents the first completely standalone HomeKit light switch solution — it connects directly to



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TradeMaster 600W Electronic Isolated Pole Switch/Three Way Preset Toggle Dimmer in Ivory

TradeMaster 600W Electronic Isolated Pole Switch/Three Way Preset Toggle Dimmer in Ivory

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Price: $11.99

LEE1534: Features: -Dimmer-Provides tranquilly on/off and separate preset and electronic touch pads allow convenient dimming control-Uses conventional 3-way wiring when used in conjunction with a 3-way switch-Coupled click the switch to full on raises lights to full on automatically without losing your favorite preset-Soft start control brings lights up slowly, extends bulb soul-Green LED night light glows when off-Eco friendly. Color/Finish: -Ivory color. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 4.13" H x 1.6" W x 1.45" D. Accumulation: -TradeMaster collection. Warranty: -Manufacturer provides 5 year warranty.

GE Z-Sign Dimmer Wall Toggle Switch

GE Z-Sign Dimmer Wall Toggle Switch

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Price: $48.38

Not a fan of rocker switches? The GE Z-Swing Dimmer Wall Toggle Switch is for you. Replace your traditional toggle switches with this switch to enable Z-Wave On/Off/Dim remote control for dimmable wire-in lighting. The switch supports dimmable fiery lights up to 960 Watts, or LED/CFL lights up to 150 Watts. The Z-Wave Dimmer Wall Toggle Switch supports single-way or multi-way applications, and works in conjunction with up to three aux/slender switches (sold separately). This switch can also be included in multiple scenes/zones. FEATURES: Compatible dimmable incandescents, CFLs, or LEDs. Provides village and Z-Wave On/Off/Dim control. Supports inclusion in multiple zones or scenes. Works in multi-way applications. Allows switch inversion with advanced configuration. NOTE: Wallplate not included. Not rated for out of doors use.

Dimmer Guide

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Elgato Eve Light Switch - iLounge

Elgato is one of the more prolific HomeKit accessory makers we've covered, with a diverse lineup of accessories ranging from weather sensors to outlets, so it's no surprise that the company has continued to expand its HomeKit lineup in unique new... Although Lutron's Caséta Wireless System was the first to offer HomeKit-compatible in-wall dimmers, it's worth noting that Elgato's new Light Switch represents the first completely standalone HomeKit light switch solution — it connects directly to... In addition to the switch and cover plate, the Elgato Eve Light Switch package includes the necessary screws and wire nuts for connecting it into your existing switch receptacle and an installation guide to get you started. While the instructions are straightforward, you’ll need to be comfortable working with electrical fixtures in order to get it installed — but it mostly just requires that you’re willing to turn off the power at your fuse or breaker panel and then... There is one big caveat with installing the Eve Light Switch, however: it requires that you have a third “neutral” wire running into the switch box. Like many “smart” switches we’ve looked at, this third wire is required to supply power to the switch via an alternate path when the connected light is turned off. Unfortunately, many older homes and apartments won’t have neutral wires running into all of your light switch boxes as they’re not technically required for light switches. We’d recommend checking the light switch box where you plan to install Eve Light Switch before making a purchase, as if it lacks a neutral wire it’s going to be a non-starter. (A useful tip: in most homes, a light switch that is located above a power outlet will likely have a neutral wire running through the box, since AC outlets do in fact require the neutral wire. Without getting into too many technical details, it’s worth noting that the use of a neutral wire does allow Elgato Eve Switch to work with a wider variety of lighting solutions, such as Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, without any problems, but... By comparison, we were impressed that Lutron’s Caséta Wireless Dimmers don’t require the third neutral wire, but the tradeoff is much more limited support for CFL and other ballast-based lighting solutions. Lutron’s dimmers are designed solely for use in lighting applications, whereas Elgato’s Eve Light Switch can be used to control a switched power outlet or ceiling fan. Of course, it’s also worth keeping in mind that Eve Light Switch is not a dimmer — Elgato suggests that you could pair it with a Philips Hue system for dimming support, although that seems somewhat redundant to us. Since Hue lights can already be... Once the Elgato Eve Light Switch is properly installed, you’ll be able to manually control your lights right away without any additional configuration. It works as a capacitive light switch right out of the box — you should see a green LED illuminate behind the center of the switch as soon as you restore power to the circuit, and a quick tap will toggle the connected light on. The process of... you can start from the iOS 10 Home app or Elgato’s own Eve app to go through the HomeKit pairing process, and Elgato has helpfully placed the HomeKit pairing code on the back of the instruction manual and on the plastic snap plate that sits behind... Once paired with HomeKit, you can choose to designate the switch as controlling a fan, a light, or a generic switch, which primarily affects how it participates in Siri commands such as “Turn off all the lights. While Eve Light Switch can be controlled from Apple Home app (or any other third-party HomeKit-compatible app), Elgato’s Eve app provides the additional feature of allowing you to log when the switch has been turned on or off.


  1. Although Lutron's Caséta Wireless System was the first to offer HomeKit-compatible in-wall dimmers, it's worth noting that Elgato's new Light Switch represents the first completely standalone HomeKit light switch solution — it connects directly to
  2. That balance applies to the way you use the switches, too. Pressing the button to swap one out. Just connect the three wires -- line, load, ground -- then screw the switch into place, snap the base plate over top of it, and flip the power back on
  3. The touchscreen provides control and status for three sub-systems via widgets, that can include information on Lighting, Weather, Climate, Scenes, Shading, and Timers. With the The Wattstopper DW-311 0-10V Dimming Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor


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About Switches: Single Pole, Three-Way, Four-Way, Dimmer ...
A three-way switch has three terminals, and its toggle is not marked on or off.

3 Way Switch Wiring Diagrams -
3 Way Switch Dimmer Wiring. The following 3 diagrams show the wiring for a specially made dimmer that can be used in these circuits in place of either of the the 3 ...

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Wiring Dimmer Switches; Residential Dimmer Switches used for several types of lighting fixtures. These wiring connections are for: Dimmer Switch Sizes

Dimmer Switch Wiring | restaurents

Dimmer Switch Wiring | restaurents
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Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram

Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram
Image by

... Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram As Well As 3 Way Dimmer Switch Wiring

... Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram As Well As 3 Way Dimmer Switch Wiring
Image by


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Elgato Eve Light Switch
In addition to the switch and cover ... a switch and not a dimmer, your home has to have the necessary neutral wires in place where you want to install the switch, and Eve Light Switch also isn’t designed to handle three-way-switch configurations ...

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