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GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit for Exhilaration N Glo, Hearth and Home, Quadra Fire GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit for Exhilaration N Glo, Hearth and Home, Quadra Fire


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Building a "blower fan" for my fireplace

Even after over a month of use, these fans are still going strong. I'd say this project was a complete success.

6 Myths About Air Quality

The inversion is hard to escape in Utah this time of year. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality joined Midday to talk about 6 myths everybody needs to know about air quality. Myth 1: Lighting a fire in the fireplace now and then really isn't a



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The Artiste with Blower

The Artiste with Blower

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Price: $1378.99

Uninteresting gauge 3/16 reinforced plate steel with firebrick lining Round 6 flue Cast iron feed door with in the main ceramic glass window (17 x 9) Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower Safety tested to UL Standard 1482-1998 and ULC-S627 (Canada) Weighty ashdrawer for easy ash removal Burns up to 12 hours on one fueling Holds up to 25 pounds of wood EPA Certified - Airtight Effectiveness rating of 75% Accepts 20 logs Overall 33H x 26-1/2W x 26D Safety tested to UL Standard 1482-1998 and ULC-S627 (Canada) NOT FOR USE IN Responsive HOMES Heats up to 2,200 square feet. BTUs=119

Wood/Coal Hotblast Furnace with Matching 550 CFM Blowers

Wood/Coal Hotblast Furnace with Matching 550 CFM Blowers

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Price: $1768.99

XXC1010: Features: -Hotblast furnace-Positioning materials are not included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue)-Twin 550 CFM blowers furnish redundancy and large amounts of air flow-Automatic Bi-Metal draft damper-Firebrick lined to boost efficiency and heating space-Separate ash door with removable dump pan-Extra-Heavy duty Cast Iron doors, grates and liners-Not approved for use in Unfixed or Modular homes-6" Flue collar. Includes: -Removable/Replaceable shaker grates (handle included). Dimensions: -Dual 8" diameter Intensify Outlets-26" Log capacity-Firebox Dimensions: 19.5" H x 20" W x 30.5" D-Dimensions: 40.25" H x 24.25" W x 40-52.5" D.

Fireplace Guide

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Efflorescence on Masonry

When our house was built 1 1/2 years ago, the builder put a finish over the brick. It looks like they took mortar & brushed it over the brick. It also had a tan or khaki color mixed in with it. The house has developed white efflorescent (. ) stains in numerous places on the house. I have a retaining wall made of cinder block, with concrete poured into the middle space. Over the last 8 years, since my home and wall were built, the White Efflorescence Stains on the retaining wall have gotten pretty bad. It is at a point where my HOA are asking me to paint the short 3 foot wall. Of all the remedies I have read, including yours, not one mentions painting and what would happen if White Efflorescence Stains are painted over. After several heavy rainy days and high winds there is I guess by your description Efflorescence on almost the entire exposed brick. Should I wait for it to correct itself,then seal coat it,or is it best to buy a Eff. Cleaner,then seal coat it once it has dried. Our masonry co. said they had to wait for the mortar to dry before they could seal it ( if we wanted it sealed,it was an additional $450. 00 that we could not come up with at the time). They however never mentioned that almost entire chimney would turn white. I'm about to buy a house and this was what the inspector came up with on a 20 foot tall * 80 food wide rock retaining wall, built 16 years ago. Neighbor's house sits about 15 foot tall on the other side of the wall. "There is heavy calcium build up and wet areas along the east rock wall. This spalling ( when mortar dries out and loosens and or falls out) these areas need to be repointed ( new mortar packed in ). The areas where water is seeping out is possibly from a leak in the water lines ( from neighbors water supply lines )... Could the Efflorescence cause mortar to dry out and need to re-pointed. Do I need to re-seal or re-coat the wall.


  1. The inversion is hard to escape in Utah this time of year. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality joined Midday to talk about 6 myths everybody needs to know about air quality. Myth 1: Lighting a fire in the fireplace now and then really isn't a
  2. Choose from a stone fireplace with blower, a 144-square-foot composite deck, a stainless steel GE Profile kitchen appliance upgrade, a spa or luxury en suite owners' bathroom or an upgraded Norman Rockwell siding color. A version of the Rockford
  3. It's that time of year when a great deal of public and private conversation is centered on Utah's winter air inversions. Let's separate the fact from fiction for a few of Utah's most common air quality myths.
  1. $138.95 GFK-160A - GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat & GLO - Quadra-Fire


Fireplace Chicken (chicken, chili pepper, cornstarch, garlic, ginger, green onion, honey, sesame seed, sugar, vegetable oil, water, white vinegar)

Hot Chocolate for a Restful Afternoon (Adult) (amaretto liqueur, frangelico, chocolate, water)

My Favorite Buttercream Icing for Decorating (almond extract, butter, butter, powdered sugar, shortening, meringue, vanilla extract, salt, water)

Fat Free Coconut Milk (For Recipes) (coconut extract, cornstarch, half and half, sugar)


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A forge of this type is essentially a hearth or fireplace designed to allow a fire to be controlled such that metal introduced to the fire may be brought to a malleable state or to bring about other metallurgical effects (hardening, annealing, and drawing temper as examples). The forge fire in this type of forge is controlled in three ways: amount of air, volume of fuel, and shape of the fuel/fire. A forge fire for hot working of metal Over thousands of years of forging, these devices have evolved in one form or another as the essential features of this type of forge: * Tuyere — a pipe through which air can be forced into the fire * Bellows or blower — a means for forcing air into the tuyere * Firepot or hearth — a place where the burning fuel can be contained over or against the tuyere opening. During operation, fuel is placed in or on the hearth and ignited. A source of moving air, such as a fan or bellows, introduces additional air into the fire through the...
Ahhh, l'amour
Finally picked up wood for a fire. The fireplaces here are double-sided and have blowers to help spread the heat throughout the house. Very nice.
Glowing windows
The fireplace blower provides plenty of warmth to heat the entire living area.
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