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Trane Showcases its Industry Leadership in Heating and Cooling Products and Technologies at IBS 2016

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), showcases its most highly advanced furnace platform in a quarter century -- the new S-Series Furnace -- along



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Trane Furnace and Air Conditioner Units [Ultimate Guide]

You’ve decided a Trane product is the answer for your heating and cooling needs. Now the question is, how do you select the perfect unit for your particular home from Trane’s many choices. Don’t fret, this Ultimate Guide will walk you through the characteristics of Trane furnace and air conditioner units, as well as other products Trane offers. Make Your House a Cozy Home with a Trane Furnace. Gas Furnaces – XC95M. This model of Trane gas furnace is the most expensive, but it also boasts the highest AFUE efficiency of all Trane furnaces at 97. 3 percent. The XC95M also has ComfortLink II communicating capability which connects the furnace with other Trane appliances and automatically charges, configures, and calibrates your entire Trane network to maintain maximum performance from your Trane... The XC95M comes with a variable-speed blower motor and fully modulating heating which adjusts air flow and heat intensity depending on your needs. Additionally, the XC95M can be upgraded with Trane CleanEffects to filter out more dust, pollen, and other debris from your indoor air. This model is perfect for heating a home in wintry weather. Oil Furnaces – XP80. The XP80 oil-fired Trane furnace has an AFUE efficiency of 82. 7 percent, placing it in the middle range of efficiency for heating a home when compared to gas furnaces. The heat exchanger on this model is made from durable steel that has been tested extensively to ensure product longevity. The XP80 has a four-speed blower motor, much like the XB80 gas furnace. Also like any of the gas-furnaces, the XP80 can be upgraded with Trane CleanEffects. Cool Off in Your Home with a Trane Air Conditioner. The XV20i Variable Speed model of Trane air conditioner units is the most expensive but also the most efficient for cooling a home, with a SEER rating of up to 21. This means this model creates more cooling effect with less electricity compared to... The XV20i model comes with Trane TruComfort, which means it has a variable speed blower motor that keeps the actual temperature of your house within a half degree of the thermostat setting. This model also boasts the quietest sound rating at 55 dB. The XV20i is Energy Star qualified and can be upgraded with CleanEffects. This model is wonderful for effectively cooling a home throughout the warm months. The XR17 has a mid-range price with a strong SEER rating of up to 18. The model is Energy Star certifiable. At a lower price, the XR17 is louder than the XV20i with a sound level of 74 dB. The XR17 uses a two-stage Climatuff compressor and relies on a two-speed blower motor as compared to the more precise variable speed motor in the XV20i model. The XR17 also has a Spine Fin coil, though experts rate the coil’s performance as comparatively average. Heat or Cool Your Home with a Trane Heat Pump. One of the more expensive Trane pumps for heating a home, the XV18 has an excellent SEER rating of 18 and HSPF rating of 10. The XV18 can provide precision temperature control within ½ degree of the thermostat setting. This model also has advanced humidity control and the quietest sound rating of 54 dB. XR15. As one of the cheapest heat pumps Trane offers, the XR15 still advertises a solid SEER rating of 14 and HSPF rating of 8. 20. This heat pump comes with a... Use Energy Wisely with Trane Geothermal Systems. The TVGX is an all-in-one system with the best performance of Trane geothermal systems. The TVGX has an EER rating of over 40 and a COP rating of 5. 3. It has a variable-capacity compressor and a variable-speed blower motor for high-precision heating and cooling. The TVGX advertises an EnviroWise system, returning four dollars of heat for every one dollar of electricity used by drawing on heat energy underneath the Earth’s surface. Water to Water Systems – T2GW. The T2GW model has a 22. 5 EER rating and two-stage water heating and cooling. The T2GW uses radiant floor heating and cooling. Like the TVGX, the T2GW relies on an EnviroWise system. Split systems use a ground loop connected to a refrigerant loop to absorb and dissipate heat, similar to a traditional heating and.


  1. LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), showcases its most highly advanced furnace platform in a quarter century -- the new S-Series Furnace -- along
  2. Highly knowledgeable dealers from across the country actively participated in the design of the S-Series Furnace, drawing on more than 300 years of combined experience. The result: a highly-advanced furnace designed and exhaustively tested to exceed 
  3. For homeowners, ComfortNet offers advanced diagnostics, automatic maintenance alerts, and continuous monitoring of the system's performance, said Hearnsberger, while dealers appreciate the controls' simplified installation wiring and active system


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Heating And Cooling Systems - Trane-Residential
Discover the latest in heating and air conditioning at Trane. Our residential HVAC systems help keep you comfortable all year long.

Trane XV95 Gas Furnace - Trane -Residential
Learn how an XV95 energy-efficient gas furnace from Trane can improve the comfort of your home. This premium, high-efficiency gas furnace provides superior ...

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trane dealers, trane promotion, free furnace, 2015, tulsa, ok

trane dealers, trane promotion, free furnace, 2015, tulsa, ok
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trane furnace closet installation in bowling green ky this trane xb80 ...

trane furnace closet installation in bowling green ky this trane xb80 ...
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Trane XR95 Gas Furnace | Maryland Dealers

Trane XR95 Gas Furnace | Maryland Dealers
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