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Pinnacle STM7212KW 24" Single Gas Wall Oven with Drop Down Broiler Drawer Electronic Ignition... Pinnacle STM7212KW 24" Single Gas Wall Oven with Drop Down Broiler Drawer Electronic Ignition Oven Window Oven Diverting dismiss and Clock with Timer in


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How To Light A Gas Wall Heater

So you walked into your apartment and smell gas. Quick check your wall heater. The pilot light probably went out.

Home of the Week: Fairhaven Colonial is the quintessential family ...

Searching for that ideal home for your family can be a daunting task. The right criteria for such a home has to be there, such as a great neighborhood and plenty 



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Metalbest 3RV-WT RV 3 Classification B Gas Vent Wall Thimble

Metalbest 3RV-WT RV 3 Classification B Gas Vent Wall Thimble

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Price: $18.00

3 Model B Gas Vent Wall Thimble from the RV Collection This wall thimble is used for installation through a combustible wall to ensure clearance to combustibles is maintained. It also serves as a firestop and can mediate from 4.125 to 7 to fit the thickness of the wall. The RV series offers round gas vent pipe and fittings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It features a short together, non-positional lock system, die formed ends, and eliminates the need for all cutting, fitting and special engineering. It has an improved connection design provides for a rapid and secure connection in seconds. The use of our LockTab feature gives installers the option of engaging this tab rather than of using sheet metal screws, when required by local code. Features: Residential and light commercial and industrial Materials: Galvanized blade outer and aluminum inner liner Easy to use LockTab or non-positional lock system Fuel: Gas UL 441 listed Reduced Safety Clearance to Combustibles: 1 for diameters of 3 to 24 2 for diameters 26 to 48 Warranty: Lifetime Limited Undertaking

42 Infrared 5 Burner Organic Gas Grill with Lights

42 Infrared 5 Burner Organic Gas Grill with Lights

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Price: $2521.95

Masterly grade 304 grade stainless steel construction, seamless edging, and eye catching features, this Sunstone Grill will helper you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Specialized High Performance burners allow for Searing Perfection, and customizable Zone Cooking permit for a unique grilling experience, and with lifetime warranty, you can be your investment will last a lifetime. 304 SS Double Wall Hood & Back Hood Temperature Criterion. 11 gauge 304 Stainless Steel burners. 304 Heavy Duty 3/8 Stainless Cooking Grids. Electronic Ignition Method. 304 Stainless Steel Flamorizor. Commercial Adjustable Valves. Polished Accents. Wind Guards. Flame Directors. Enfold-along Tray. Warming Rack & Smoker Box. 2 interior Lights. Features: 304 Stainless Steel. Product Sizet:42W x 27 D x 26 H. Cut out:39-1/2 W x 21-3/4 D x 10-7/8. 177 LBS. Upto 100,000 BTU's. 960 Sq. In. IR Back Burner 15,000 BTU's.

Gas Lighting Guide

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We're In Namibia! — Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Namibia 7 Feb. Welcome to Namibia. Before going further, here are some fast facts about this country--feel free to gloss over them if you simply can’t wait to read all about our “adventures”. Namibia is located in southern Africa. It borders South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, and the Atlantic ocean. Its name is derived from the Namib, which is considered to be the oldest desert in the world. It has a population of 2. 1 million people, which is the second-lowest population density of any sovereign country, after Mongolia. With a total area of 318,772 square miles, it is the world’s 34th largest country, after Venezuela. There are 9 official national languages and probably a dozen more official regional ones. It is home to numerous ethnic groups including the San (or Bushman) people who are the descendents of the original inhabitants of Africa. Namibia has the least rainfall of any country in sub-Saharan Africa. Finally, Namibia is divided into five geographical areas, each with its own unique features. For our trip, we will be traveling through several of them, including the Kalahari and Namib deserts. We will be starting in the center of the country, arriving in the city of Windhoek, renting a 4x4 and then self-driving north as far as Etosha National Park, west to the Kaokoveld, south to the coastal city of Swakopmund, southeast to Sossusvlei,... So here goes nothing: It was sort of a long slog getting to our destination, with one flight delay, leading to a missed connection. This meant we were too late upon arrival at Windhoek to pick up our rental car, and consequently we had to be transported by van to our pension. By the time we laid our heads to rest, we’d gone through 44 hours of travel time (28 hours of flights and 16 hours of layovers/delays). Initial thoughts: Flying into Windhoek, I had a window seat on the plane. As we descended, I kept looking for lights from homes, cities, etc. The thought did occur to me, “What are we doing, why are we doing, what’s this going to be like. Once we’d all disembarked the plane via exterior stairs onto the ground, I couldn’t help noticing the bugs on the tarmac. Big, meaty-looking things. Like squished dates. The wheels on our suitcases were rolling through them. We got to the entrance to the terminal, and Bill pointed out more attacking the lights adjacent to us. Uh oh. However, we’d been around many bugs in our travels. It had just been a long time, so not to worry. Next, the drive to our accommodation. I’d previously mapped it out in our pre-trip days, envisioning a gleaming city, modern airport and roadways, and it looked like maybe a 7 minute drive. More like 30, and there was absolutely nothing to see. I couldn’t keep my eyes open much, and every time I did, I kept expecting to see gas stations and hotels, but no. I must have slept through the drive into the small city but awakened in time to see ourselves traversing through winding streets... Guess Windhoek has a crime problem. Anyway, we turned in at a gated wall and were deposited to our place of crashing. Ate a nice breakfast, served by a nice Austrian woman, then got picked up for transport to the car rental outfit. Fortunately it wasn’t by the airport, but rather a local place. We were there forever, as the attendants showed Bill every aspect of our Toyota 4x4 including how to operate an air compressor, how to remove the spare tire, and what to do if someone steals your license plate. (Sometimes when you park your car and go to shop, thieves will steal your plate and wave it at you to get you to stop as you leave the parking lot, whereupon they request money to return the plate. Eventually, we were given the green light to go and precariously made our way out of the driveway trying not to hit the building. We promptly got lost and went in a circle but eventually found the place. No one stole our license plate, fortunately. Then it only took us one U-turn to find the Shell station and top off the dual tanks of.


  1. Searching for that ideal home for your family can be a daunting task. The right criteria for such a home has to be there, such as a great neighborhood and plenty 
  2. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today a new Bluetooth-enabled fixed gas detector for commercial and light industrial applications, enabling users to easily set up and maintain the device using a simple smartphone app. The
  3. Investigators with the Idaho State Fire Marshal's Office say the weight of the snow caused the propane gas pipe to crack both outside the building and inside the wall, and sending flammable propane leaking into the business. "Many parts of Idaho have
  1. RT @brownpau: Years after the Wall, you can still see the old split between East & West Berlin by the color of the lights. (dimmer gas lamp…
  2. Years after the Wall, you can still see the old split between East & West Berlin by the color of the lights. (dimme…
  3. I pressed the fucking gas cause I'm pissed and hit the wall hard AF! Lmao luckily neither of us got hurt. My head lights were fucked up!


Holiday Lights Mini Cakes Recipe (eggs, fudge cake mix, water)

Buddha Jumps over the Wall Cream Pie (almond, butter, cookies, chocolate pudding, cool whip, graham crackers, neufchatel cheese, powdered sugar)

Great Wall Green Beans (vegetable oil, cinnamon, cornstarch, green beans, garlic, ginger, honey, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, sesame seed, soy sauce, dark sesame oil)

Clean Your Gas Cook Top Burner Grates (ammonia)


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Propane and Natural gas lights for indoor and outdoor use. From off grid cabin lights to high end copper estate lanterns.

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Carolina Lanterns - Gas Lanterns | Gas Lighting | Copper ...
Carolina Lanterns offers the finest gas and copper lighting for your home or business. Our wide selection of lights and lanterns are available in gas, electric, and ...

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Home > Wall Lighting > Wall Sconces > Meyda 36617
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Victorian Gas & Electric Wall Lights / Sconces from ...

Victorian Gas & Electric Wall Lights / Sconces from ...
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View All Heritage Lighting ‹ View All Victorian Lighting ‹ View ...
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Black wall
Walling of basaltic blocks on the street frontage of Abbey of Sant'Agata, via Vittorio Emanuele II, Catania, Sicily (Italy). Yes I know this wall looks pale grey here, not black, but that's because of of the way the bright light was falling on its texture. The stone is in fact black basalt. This abbey and its church were built on the site of an earlier church destroyed by the great Catania earthquakes of 1693, so I guess the walling dates from that time. The basalt was presumably quarried from one of Etna's many lava flows in the area, one of which reached into the city in 1669, so perhaps the source of these blocks. But as many buildings were destroyed by the great Catania earthquake, the blocks might also have been recycled from the ruins - a common practice. Basalt blocks are common, not surprisingly, in many of Catania's older buildings and give the city a 'black' and sometimes gloomy feeling. This is alleviated however when it's combined with the frequent graceful use of...
Stingray Nebula (NASA, Hubble, 04/01/98)
This is an archive image from 1998, part of our "Think Pink" gallery, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month: __________________________________________________________ The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of the Stingray Nebula, the youngest known planetary nebula. In this image, the bright central star is in the middle of the green ring of gas. Its companion star is diagonally above it at 10 o'clock. The red curved lines represent bright gas that is heated by a "shock" caused when the central star's wind hits the walls of the bubbles. The nebula is as large as 130 solar systems, but, at its distance of 18,000 light-years, it appears only as big as a dime viewed a mile away. The colors shown are actual colors emitted by nitrogen (red), oxygen (green) and hydrogen (blue). Image Credit: NASA View original image: More about NASA's...
Woodrow Wilson House - drawing room 10 - 2011-12-04
Close-up of the lights on the west wall of the Drawing Room at Woodrow Wilson House. The house had all the modern conveniences -- including electrical wiring built into the walls! These are not gas or candlabra converted at a future date to electricity. Interestingly, a motif throughout the house is for electric bulbs to be shaded with some sort of device. Here, the device is a stiff, wavy pink fabric decorated with thread to imitate a drapery. All the furniture, mementos, and keepsakes in Woodrow Wilson House are originals. Most of the keepsakes in the Drawing Room were given to Wilson during his "victory tour" of Europe after the end of World War I. Woodrow Wilson House is located at 2340 S Street NW in Washington, D.C . After Wilson's second term as president ended on March 4, 1921, he moved into this house with his wife and two servants. Crippled by the stroke that ended his presidency, Wilson died in the house on February 3, 1924. The house was built in...
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Honeywell Launches Bluetooth-Enabled Fixed Gas Detector For Commercial, Light Industrial Applications
2017 – Honeywell announced a new Bluetooth-enabled fixed gas detector for commercial and light industrial applications, enabling users to easily set up and maintain the device using a simple smartphone app. The Sensepoint XCL is a wall-mounted device ...