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Chanzon 10 pcs Extravagant Power Led Chip 3W Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light (380nm-840nm /... Chanzon 10 pcs Extravagant Power Led Chip 3W Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light (380nm-840nm / 400mA-500mA / DC 3V-3.2V / 3 Watt) SMD COB Emitter Diode Components 3 W Bead for DIY Hydroponic Flowers Growing Lamp


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LED Grow Lights: A True Buyers Guide

http://advancedledlights. com/grow-light-comparisons/ In this video, learn a few fundamental truths that most LED Grow Light companies don't want you to know.

VividGro™ Indoor LED Grow-Light by Lighting Science® Anticipating Accelerated Growth of Cannabis Market ...

Today, the company announced that sales of their VividGro LED indoor grow lights increased by more than 100 percent over the past year alone. The cannabis industry is anticipated to jump from $6 billion to $50 billion by 2026. Since its



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Wild 86615 Third Brake Light Kit

Wild 86615 Third Brake Light Kit

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Price: $54.08

Third Slow Light Assembly Third Brake Light Kit Third Brake Light Kit; Universal; Incl. Adjustable Frame/LED Vacuous Fixture; FEATURES: Universal Application Durable Steel Frame Is Adjustable Multiple Bulb LED Light Sealed Polyurethane Case Wiring Harness With Universal Trailer Plug Our continued commitment to service, quality and product innovation have established Recklessness as a significant industry partner in the specialty Jeep, Truck, SUV and UTV marketplace. With this catalog, we present an expanded line up of both street and off road products as properly as additional enhancements within each product category bringing you new designs, features and benefits to satisfy a wider range of consumers and their means uses. Our team of industry enthusiasts not only use these products, but also contribute to the many new ideas you will find in the following pages - together we invite you to parade our program, use our products, and join our growing family- of satisfied customers.

Led Lights Guide

The Led Grow Book

In The LED Grow Book, Christopher Sloper shares insights gained from years of researching and growing indoors with LED grow lights – the coolest lighting technology to hit the indoor gardening industry in a decade. The LED Grow Book doesn't stop at explaining how LED grow lights work and how to pick one. It continues with an in-depth guide to effective indoor gardening practices with chapters on grow spaces and systems, plant nutrition and feeding, pest control and more.The LED Grow Book is a must-read for anyone who is serious about gardening indoors – even if you never plan to use a LED grow light. It's chock full of indoor gardening tips that will make every indoor gardener more successful. This book will help the reader:• Avoid costly mistakes• Design the perfect grow room• Dispel...

Kick-Ass Cannabis & Veggies

Learning to garden in a natural, Earth-friendly way seems accessible to only the most experienced of gardeners. But Kip Zonderkop brings organic gardening within anyone’s reach in Kick-Ass Cannabis & Veggies. Equal parts how-to and how-come, this book outlines an easy-to-follow 8-step process that anybody can use to cultivate killer cannabis and veggies, and also explains the soil science and permaculture principles behind the 8 steps. These tricks, hacks, and techniques give the home gardener the necessary foundation for a thriving indoor or outdoor garden. Jam-packed with helpful tips, links, and fantastic resources, Kick-Ass Cannabis & Veggies is the perfect launch pad for newbie organic pot gardeners who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. And for those who aren’t big...

AA Q+A: Richard Lewis talks esports journalism, hosting ELEAGUE, DreamHack and more

Turner Sports’ move to co-create and broadcast ELEAGUE has been an interesting one, and perhaps the furthest esports has really risen into the mainstream. moving to regular TBS broadcasts is a big step. Turner was pleased with the combined TV and Twitch engagement for season one, which wrapped up in July, and season two has had a good run, with the playoffs just getting underway Wednesday. Matches on Twitch are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and TBS will televise the second semifinal Friday night at 10 p. m. and the Grand Final Saturday at 4 p. m. One figure who’s become a regular presence for ELEAGUE viewers is... com and hosting a podcast about the stories of the day across esports. Lewis recently took the time to answer some e-mail questions from Awful Announcing about esports, his role, and how he got to this point. Awful Announcing: You started as a journalist covering esports. How did you wind up covering esports in the first place. Richard Lewis: I was an aspiring journalist when I was at university, editor of the student magazine and trying to branch out and do some freelance work. The gaming stuff was interesting because it introduced me to what were the roots of esports as we know it. I was attending small Tekken tournaments that were held in bars in Wales and getting to see how the competitors knew each other. I was too heavily into my sports at the time – rugby, football and boxing mostly – to pay much attention to games. I was walking a weird tightrope between being a full-time sports jock and a hardcore nerd. By the time I was out of university I was looking for freelance work but had settled in to the reality of knowing that you’re not guaranteed the job of your dreams, so I was stuck as a manager in a call center – earning more money than I had ever... I got to put my journalistic skills into practice by writing for a now defunct blog called “Source Junky,” and the work was deemed to be pretty good, although I’d admit it wasn’t a high bar at the time. I was still grinding in my job at this point but people started making overtures towards giving me paid work. By 2006, I had my first paid esports job, and while it was a slow climb, it was a mostly upward trajectory to get here. AA: W hat did you find most interesting about the esports scene at first. RL: The most striking part of it was that it was like sports but with no regulation or structure. You had all these young aspiring professionals desperately chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, knowing that it probably wasn’t real. As an older guy who was bit more streetwise than the average esports competitor, I could see immediately the ways that the managers and people in positions of authority failed. Not every manager was like that of course, but the ones who did it right did so at such a cost you could see it visibly eroding them. I met people who could have been business executives if they’d stayed in their field, but they chose esports. I think a lot of these guys knew we were building something worthwhile, but could never fully articulate it. I shared that belief, and fortunately, never had to sacrifice quite as much. Everyone who attended an event had an alias or a nickname, an online presence, a list of achievements. You felt you knew people you had never even met. Everyone was climbing a ladder and you met people on the way up and the way down. AA: How has esports changed over your time covering it. RL: How global it has become. Initially, only the elite level teams could compete internationally and even then the costs were astronomical compared to the sponsorships that were coming in. That made any international events incredibly special. Counter-Strike 1. 6 had a special feel to it, with teams from China, South Korea, Brazil, Russia the United States, and all across Europe. Now, we don’t think about that at all as we have events like ELEAGUE, which regularly bring everyone together no matter where they come from.


  1. Today, the company announced that sales of their VividGro LED indoor grow lights increased by more than 100 percent over the past year alone. The cannabis industry is anticipated to jump from $6 billion to $50 billion by 2026. Since its
  2. This article reviews the situation at the plant in light of those new allegations. In the first week of October 2016, claims were made on Twitter [archived] that a Saudi-led Coalition airstrike had targeted the desalination plant, destroying it
  3. You can also enable a white LED on the front of the unit that display similar to the lights on KITT from Knight Rider to let any intruders know they are being recorded. The Thinkware rear camera that can be purchased separately for $90 is small
  1. If you are looking for led grow lights reviews, this MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Lamp Panel Full……
  2. If you have been looking for top recommended best plant grow lights reviews, this Toogod 16.4ft/5m + 5A Power……
  3. If you have been looking for top recommended best grow lights for indoor plants reviews, this WYZM Full Spectrum……


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Best LED Grow Lights 2016: Reviews, Guides, and FAQs
Learn everything you need to know about LED Grow Lights, growing strategies, guides, at the #1 LED Grow Lights resource

Top 5 Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis -
Here are the best brands and models of LED lights for growing cannabis.

2016 Best Led Grow Lights Reviews & Ratings
Led grow lights are the best type of artificial grow lights. On our website you will find quality reviews which show which grow lights are truly worth buying.

Led grow lights vs hps,Led grow lights vs hps cannabis plant review

Led grow lights vs hps,Led grow lights vs hps cannabis plant review
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504 watts test with LED grow

504 watts test with LED grow
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COB led grow light review | How to Pick the Best LED Grow Light

COB led grow light review | How to Pick the Best LED Grow Light
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2014 - Victoria - The 'Ledge'
Victoria is the capitol city of British Columbia, Canada and it is situated on the inner harbour diagonally from the Empress Hotel. Both buildings were designed by Francis Rattenbury. Due to age, the structure has some serious problems of which the green dome with the stature of Captain George Vancouver is top of list, so to speak! The Inner Harbour is the main gathering place in Victoria for marine activity, sightseeing, entertainment, attractions and politics. There are always yachts, sailboats, sea planes, kayaks and passenger ferries moving to and from the docks and marina. A two tier, level waterfront walk-way is the sidewalk of choice for visitors when exploring on the waterfront - often being entertained by artists and musicians. During the night the Parliament Buildings light up the sky with over 3,300 light bulbs casting a magical spell over the harbour. Some of the nearby attractions include the gardens in Beacon Hill Park, the history of the BC Royal Museum and the...
restored quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate ►pale-verdigris gateway build-up (“horses'-herma”) in gloomy night◄
The quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate —restored since 1991— is shining in pale-verdigris against a black backdrop of a gloomy night. In 1793, — when the so called 'French Revolutionary Wars' all over Europe were to begin —, Schadow installed in an anxious & defiant gesture towards the revolutionary Paris a peace-goddess (PAX) holding up a coronal of olive leaves behind a roman, triumphal carriage. - Under those political circumstances that build-up was obviously meant as an apotropaic allegory against the upcoming, second wave of the Great Revolution which was looming from the other side of the Rhine ... In 1806 that sculpture was of course dislodged and travelled to the Louvre by the victorious Napoléon Bonaparte but already eight years later — in 1814— the booty was tracked down and re-confiscated by the prussian General Blücher. Back in Berlin the restituted trophy was overhauled and revised by Schinkel in 1815: The once pre-reactionary Fräulein PAX (roman peace-goddess)...
10. entire_trousseau_of_many_a_bride_Metropolitan_Museum
Ambrose Ranson Remembers Jefferson County in the 1840s & 1850s Part 2 TRT: 8:16 2436 words This is taken from one of six essays written for Sewanee Review from 1913 to 1915 by Ambrose Robert Hite Ranson (1831-1919) about his growing up years living at his family home, Gap View, and his experiences during the Civil War as a Confederate officer. His observations are very informative about daily life pre-war amid unacceptable observations condoning the enslavement of other human beings. His account is still important in its rendering of daily work on a farm in the 1840s and 1850s in Jefferson County, Virginia, one of the most agricultural counties in the Virginias. These conditions were substantially different in the northern Shenandoah Valley when compared to the brutal monocultures in the deep South. Enslavement in Jefferson County, based on writings of those - white and black - who lived here then - was one of diverse work,...
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N.Y., researchers led by Dr. Rob Shepherd are developing uniaxial stretch sensors that emit light using hyperelastic light-emitting capacitors (HLEC), where hydrogel electrodes are embedded in silicone rubber. Using the growing discipline of biomimicry ...