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Coralife 05509 Mini Compact Fluorescent 50/50 Colormax Lamp, 10-Watt Coralife 05509 Mini Compact Fluorescent 50/50 Colormax Lamp, 10-Watt


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Building your Own DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Here is a link in case you want to build your own Ecosphere out of a jar: https://www. v=-18m0TzFBT0 To stay updated on my life check out.

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Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit, 5 gallons, 16.25 L X 10 W X 11 H

Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit, 5 gallons, 16.25 L X 10 W X 11 H

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Price: $57.51

Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit - Complete Betta Fish Tank and Desktop Fish Tank Swell any space in your home or office with the attractive, compact Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit. This all-inclusive desktop fish tank features the entirety you need to create a beautiful, healthy environment for your newest finned friends. The 5 gallon capacity makes this acrylic aquarium paragon for use as a Betta fish tank or habitat for other small fish. The Aquarius Panaview comes with a Mini Might Power Filter, which takes mini Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges. This small, durable and super quiet filter circulates 45 gallons of spa water per hour through the aquarium. The Mini Might filter cleans and purifies dirty water well before it enters the pump, keeping the lot cycling system running clean and providing low-maintenance operation. In addition to providing optimal filtration for a 5-gallon tank, the Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit includes LED lighting built into the hinged hood. Low-spirited and white LEDs can be used and combined to create three unique light settings: high noon, twilight blue, and moonglow. LEDs supply crisp, clean color while saving energy and producing less heat than incandescent light bulbs. The Aquarius Panaview is efficient not just in terms of vigour use but also in size. This compact aquarium is the perfect desktop fish tank, taking up minimal space and requiring few additional supplies. Maintaining the crystal-disambiguate become fair shatterproof tank is easy, giving you more time to enjoy your elegant and space-saving desktop fish tank.A compact, 5-gallon aquarium like the Hawkeye Aquarius Panaview Aquarium Kit makes a terrific Betta fish tank. The power filtration, token current and relatively spacious design are absolutely ideal for a single Betta fish. You can easily enhance your tank with Betta-open decor like silk plants to show off your fish's colors and not harm its delicate fins. Besides serving as a great B

baby biOrb Aquarium Kit with Light

baby biOrb Aquarium Kit with Light

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Price: $120.33

Neonate biOrb has all the features and benefits of the larger biOrb in a more compact size, perfect for small spaces like a desktop. Made from crystal sure acrylic that is 10 times stronger than glass, has low voltag