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Sunlite A19/LED/2W/BLB LED UV 2W A19 Blacklight Blue Bulb with E26 Medium Base Sunlite A19/LED/2W/BLB LED UV 2W A19 Blacklight Blue Bulb with E26 Medium Base


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Build UV Lightbox

Do it Yourself UV Lightbox. This video will show how to make a 24inch long ultraviolet light box for curing photopolymer media.

Oriental Edison is a specialized supplier of high-quality LED lighting ...

Oriental Edison manufactures different types of lighting bulbs based on LED technology. All these products are capable to deliver performance of highest 

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Honeywell UV Light UV100 incl Bulb


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AC-7014 UV Bulb

AC-7014 UV Bulb


Price: $70.79

Home and Garden, Lighting, Features: Dimension:1Hx1Wx12L InchDescription: Replacement UV Lamp for AC-7014W and AC-7014G. UV Light sterilizes the air B B eaking down microorganisms, such as germs, viruses, B cteria, fungi, mold, etc. Effectively destroys the nucleic acids in these microorganisms so their DNA is disrupted and destroyed.

Feit Electric BPQ100T4/JCD 100 Watt UV Guard Halogen Quartz Bi-Pin T4 Light Bulb

Feit Electric BPQ100T4/JCD 100 Watt UV Guard Halogen Quartz Bi-Pin T4 Light Bulb

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Price: $2.99

2,000 average life hours2 pin base1/2 diameter2-1/4 maximum overall length100 wattsClearJCD type bulb120 volts6.35mm pin spacingCompact

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The Work Environment

The Work Environment, Volume II: Healthcare, Laboratories & Biosafety focuses on contemporary issues and the potential occupational hazards facing healthcare and scientific professions today. The book covers important topics such as the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and how to comply, the resurgence of tuberculosis and how to protect against it, good work practices in any laboratory (including biosafety concepts, levels, and controls), how to respond to spills in the laboratory, medical waste disposal, and how to comply with the Laboratory Safety Standard. Occupational health hazards in the dental office are addressed, including chemical, biological, radiological, and ergonomic hazards. The book also discusses ventilation as a control tool in the laboratory and presents practical and...

A Guide to High-performance Powder Coating

Learn about the latest advancements in powder and equipment that will ensure you stay on the competitive edge. This book provides in-depth information about system design and layout, equipment features and benefits, system efficiency, operating costs, maintenance and coating comparison. It focuses on teaching how to control the process variables that lead to efficiency, quality and consistent operation. The material covered includes the basic process and equipment used in electrostatic spray operations: application equipment; Powder materials; Booths and reclaim systems; Washers and ovens. Also, operating costs, system efficiency, continuous improvement and other areas of advanced training are included.

Oriental Edison is a specialized supplier of high-quality LED lighting ... - Digital Journal

Nowadays every residential and commercial establishment is switching towards LED lighting bulbs. These bulbs not only offer bright shine light but also reduce average electricity expenditure to a significant extent. There are many companies that are involved in manufacturing and exporting LED based lighting products to address different requirements of clients. Oriental Edison Lighting Technology Limited is one such agency that offers superior grade LED bulbs that are ideal to be used in various indoor and outdoor purposes. The firm observes stringent quality control measures in every production stage to upgrade the performance level of its LED products. This firm is a recognized manufacturer of G12 LED light bulbs that arrive with distinct voltage consumption capacities. These lighting are energy efficient and environmentally friendly and so offer an ideal alternative to replace halogen lamp. These bulbs are capable to save 10 times more energy and power. These products deliver very uniform lighting impact to completely remove darkness of an area. Such bulbs feature pure aluminium outline border with bright silver treatment to showcase higher-grade appearance and great heat dissipation. These bulbs can be installed in supermarket, school, parking lot, underground garage and others. The agency pays extreme attention to minute details so as to provide the best lighting products in the market at a competitive price. This company is a dedicated supplier of 2G 11 LED replacement lighting bulbs that always remain cool and never emit UV light. It can deliver even more light output in comparison to its fluorescent counterparts. These replacement lights are assembled with SMD 2835 which are optimized for distributed lighting. Such lighting bulbs are adjustable and can be easily installed. This China-based firm offers G8. 5 LED bulb that can deliver stable and dime light under any situation. These bulbs can upgrade the interior appearance of rooms and can produce subtle impact among the guests. The agency utilizes fastest shipping options to ensure swift product delivery in fixed period. Its LED lighting products thoroughly meet the distinct requirements of each and every customer. About Oriental Edison Lighting Technology Limited. Oriental Edison Lighting Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different types of LED lighting products. All its products are completely based on prescribed criteria.


  1. Oriental Edison manufactures different types of lighting bulbs based on LED technology. All these products are capable to deliver performance of highest 
  2. “The bulbs are regulated. You cannot tan more than once a day and you must be 18 years and older or 17 with parental consent,” explains Kee. ”It is very regulated and safe if you follow the rules, and the machines actually let in less harmful rays and
  3. Light therapy requires sitting approximately 12 inches in front of a 10,000-lux light box, 10 times the intensity of regular light bulbs, for 15 to 30 minutes each morning, Gersh added. “The light box emits a controlled amount of white light, with
  1. LED lights instead of CFL lights because #lupussucks - CFLs emit some ultraviolet (UV) light


Holiday Lights Mini Cakes Recipe (eggs, fudge cake mix, water)

Roasted Garlic Soup (garlic, chicken broth, flour, heavy cream, leek, lemon juice, olive oil, onions, salt, sherry, butter, white pepper)

Lemon and Roasted Garlic Mayo (buttermilk, garlic paste, lemon juice, mayonnaise, lemon)

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LEDinside, a leading platform for LED, LED Lighting and ...
LEDinside, a media platform for LED and LED lighting, offers extensive LED marketing research, industrial news and business informations.

Light-emitting diode - Wikipedia
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p–n junction diode, which emits light when activated. When a suitable voltage is ...

How Light Works | HowStuffWorks
Light is at once both obvious and mysterious. We are bathed in yellow warmth every day and stave off the darkness with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs ...

UV Light Bulbs

UV Light Bulbs
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File:Ultraviolet light bulb 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

File:Ultraviolet light bulb 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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UV Bulbs

UV Bulbs
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Was hoping for some winter-time vitamine D systhesis, but apparently that'll be needing UV-B spectrum, shorter wavelength than UV-A, which is probably all this bulb gives (for safety reasons), d'oh. Still, kinda pretty.

@ Libby's housewarming

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Ushio America Introduces the New Uphoria™ 3 LED BR Lamps in R20, BR30 and BR40 Types
These Lighting-Edge Technologies™ are provided to a variety of industries such as general illumination, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio and television, semiconductor, printed circuit, video projection, cinema, UV curing, germicidal ...

The Health Dangers of Blue Light at Night… And What You Can Do About It
Non-visible light includes Ultraviolet (UV) rays, while visible light literally includes the ... As technology progressed, and the incandescent light bulb was invented, light exposure from lamps was still dim and yellow, and didn’t have a significant ...

Why UV-A is better than UV-C for dye removal using TiO2?
I run the photocatalytic degradation of a dye (Procion MX) using self-synthesize TiO2. The 2 experiments with the same condition with 2 different 8W light bulbs. The one with UV-A (365 nm) showed higher removal efficiency than that with UV-C (254 nm).