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Energy-saving light switches

These two programmable light switches add convenience while using less electricity. the other has a programmable.

Dinos Café Receives Rebates from LED Lighting Installations

The old lights contained mercury and take time to light up wasting more energy. EcoSave lights contain no dangerous gasses to the environment and instantly turn on when you flip the switch, spending less on energy. Serenity LED lights help you save



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Woods Outside Wireless Remote Control - Push Switch - Light Control - Black

Woods Outside Wireless Remote Control - Push Switch - Light Control - Black

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Price: $15.39

The Woods 32555 Outside Wireless Remote turns appliances on and off from up to 60-feet away. Control your outdoor security lights or holiday decorations from imprisoned your home or car. The signal travels through walls, windows and doors. This remote kit is quick to install with tool-free set-up and is simple to operate by the simple touch of a button. Features a durable, weatherproof construction, rain tight for outdoor applications, 6-inch twine and is compatible with 3-wire plugs. It is CFL ready, LED compatible and cUL certified for quality assurance. Operate patio or security lights or break decorations from the comfort of your sofa with the wireless remote and receiver. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring plainness to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings.



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For ill-disposed to, Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV), Electronic Low Voltage (ELV), fluorescent, compact fluorescent, LED and motors up to 1/6 HP. Includes selectable and dimmable nightlight. Turns on automatically when a mortal physically enters the room, automatically turn off lights after a selectable time delay of 5 seconds (Test Mode), 5 minutes (mill default), 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Detects when the room is occupied very briefly and shortens the time wait in order to save energy, includes a light level adjustment for daylight to prevent motion from turning on the lights. Provides 180 exceedingly field of view and 1000 square feet of major motion coverage. Includes a decorator mid-size wallplate. A unripened LED indicates load status, provides locator l1ight in dark and blinks to indicate motion detection. 8.3 amp, 1000 watts, 120 volts AC, 60 Hz. 6 pre-stripped wire leads, #14 AWG. cULus Listed, NOM Certified, California Designate 24 Compliant. Temperature rating 32 to 104 degrees F.Passive InfraredAutomaticSavantSingle PoleColor=White

Light Switch Guide

Lighting Controls Handbook

Intended for energy managers, electrical engineers, building managers, lighting designers, consultants, and other electrical professionals, this book provides a practical description of major lighting controls types and how to apply them. It's a comprehensive step-by-step educational tour of lighting automation technology and its practical design and application, with useful discussion about the purpose and benefits of lighting controls, emphasizing the achieving of relevant energy savings, as well as support of occupant visual needs and preferences. The book shows readers how to take advantage of the many benefits of today's sophisticated controls, including expanded energy saving opportunities, and increased flexibility, reliability and interoperability.

Building Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems are used to monitor building temperature inside and outside buildings and control the boilers and coolers. Energy efficiency is a major cost issue for commerce and industry and of growing importance on university syllabuses. Fully revised and updated, this text considers new developments in the control of low energy and HVAC systems and contains two new chapters. Written for practising engineers (essential for control engineers) and energy managers in addition to being essential reading for under/postgraduate courses in building services and environmental engineering.


  1. The old lights contained mercury and take time to light up wasting more energy. EcoSave lights contain no dangerous gasses to the environment and instantly turn on when you flip the switch, spending less on energy. Serenity LED lights help you save
  2. LED lights: If you haven't made the switch to these energy-efficient lights because of the higher cost, you're paying in the long run with higher electric bills. The power it takes to operate just one 7-watt incandescent bulb could power two 24-foot
  3. Under the contract, the borough will replace all of the roughly 1,800 streetlights in town with energy-efficient LED lights. The switch also means the borough will take ownership of the streetlights, which are currently owned by Eversource Energy
  1. Reasons to switch to energy-saving light bulbs with Westwood Electrical
  2. #Bayco SL-300N4 8.5 Inch Clamp Light with Aluminum Reflector has an energy saving durable ON/OFF switch and……


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Energy Saver | Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy recommendations on how to save energy. Includes tips, descriptions of products and services.

Home Energy Saver
Determine the energy consumption of a home and find ways to reduce it.

Electric Power | Department of Energy
Electricity -- the flow of electrical power -- is a secondary energy source, generated by the conversion of primary sources of energy, like fossil, nuclear, wind or solar

Energy-Saving Voice Control Light Switch - USUNNY | USB Wall Socket ...

Energy-Saving Voice Control Light Switch - USUNNY | USB Wall Socket ...
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... Catalog > switch > Energy Saving Switch,Touch Panel Light Switch

... Catalog > switch > Energy Saving Switch,Touch Panel Light Switch
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Energy-Saving Light Switch Cover | Babble

Energy-Saving Light Switch Cover | Babble
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Earth Hour 2010
medicine for mother earth Earth Hour 2010 on flickr blog and here EARTH HOUR Saturday March 27th 2010 8:30 PM A worldwide event held in local time zones from 8:30-9:30 PM on March 27th. People turn off their lights to promote energy saving and awareness on climate change. great video´s from Hong Kong and Victoria harbour before and after great photos from the Boudnanath Stupa, Kathmandu, centre of Earth Hour celebrations in the Central Asian nation Athen - Greece Rio de Janeiro Brandenburger Tor Berlin Toronto
Feyanan Eco Lodge (2)
Feynan Ecolodge’s ethos is based on harmony with its local environment: it is completely solar-powered, employees are comprised of local Bedouin, and the lodge generates revenue that helps protect endangered species and conservation efforts. Our efforts for conservation and Earth Hour each night at Feynan: •Feynan exclusively generates its own electricity through solar/photovoltaic panels and is not connected to the electricity grid. This electricity is used to power lights in the staff office, guest bathrooms and the kitchen. •All hot water at Feynan for the kitchen and guest use is heated by solar panels. •Only essential electrical appliances are used in the kitchen, and those employed are certified to use very low energy. •Candles made onsite by local Bedouin women are used to light the lodge at night. Guests are welcome to help the staff light the candles each night and watch as the lodge begins to glow. •Heating in the winter uses the waste byproduct of olive pressing called...
Evil Becca
© Billy Wilson 2010 Becca covered in fake blood with hands cringed holding energy balls. Hi Flickr, this is Becca! Her Model Mayhem number is 788814. Here is another image from the shoot with Becca, this one took around 5 hours of editing to produce! It really contrasts against the happy glamour shot I posted of her yesterday! About the Photo *Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS *Lens: EF 50mm ƒ/1.8 II *Shutter Speed: 1/200 Sec. *Aperture Value: ƒ/5.6 *ISO: 100 *Focal Length: 50mm (80mm Equivalent on 35mm Film) I shot this on a tripod using mirror lockup and a remote switch. To the left of the camera I had a Canon Speedlite 430EX II at full power and at 24mm being shot into a 60" Westcott reflective umbrella around 6 feet away from the model as the key light. To the right of the model I had a Vivitar flash at full power pointed directly at her around 15 feet away from the model. The Speedlite was triggered by a Canon ST-E2 wireless Speedlite transmitter and the...
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