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Coors Light "Bottle" commercial

For all Coors paid me to hand model in their commercials, they've made it all back from me and then some.

The view from the streets

More beer odors at 27th/Taylor. A good crowd outside the Corvallis House. • More litter. Coors. Bud Light. Bud Light. Another Sprite … also have seen some Gatorade bottles. • An alley behind Taylor that has seen a lot of activity in recent years is quiet.



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MainMerch Men's Coors Light Bottle Opener T-Shirt - Gray

MainMerch Men's Coors Light Bottle Opener T-Shirt - Gray


Price: $39.95

Officially licensed Coors Light t-shirt. Comes in gray and features the undying Coors Light mountains logo in white and red. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester with a bottle opener sewn into the bottom of the shirt.

Koolatron CLVIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Coffer

Koolatron CLVIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Coffer

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $59.37

Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice ChestGetting immediate for a barbecue, a picnic, a party or a tailgating extravaganza? No matter what the occasion, the fun calls for ice cold drinks, and the Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Caddy will help you bring them to the event in style. Ideal for PartiesThe Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Chest will make you the life of any function. Its spacious 13-Liter interior has enough room for 18 standard-sized cans or 12 standard-sized bottles increased by ice, so you can supply the beverages for the event. Its thick liner keeps the contents well insulated throughout the party, ensuring that drinks running backstay cold for hours. A steel fastener creates a tight seal and helps to keep cold air from seeping out around the lid. Most artistically of all, the cooler features the Coors Light logo on the outside to make a fun statement. Easy to CarryWhether you're just traveling from your house to your backyard or need to hike for a mile to reach the venue for the reception, the Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Chest makes transporting drinks easy. Steel handles at the sides allow you to support the cooler steady as you walk, and rubber grips on the handles ensure your comfort. Measuring 9 inches in depth by 14.5 inches in apex by 11.5 inches in width and weighing only 9 pounds when empty, the cooler is easy to carry anywhere. Heavy-Duty ConstructionThe Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Casket is constructed to withstand wear and tear, so you can take it on the go without worry. Crafted out of stainless steel, the ice chest resists dents and scrapes and will not rust or corrode. Its liner is viscid and durable as well to help ensure that the cooler will last through years of wear. Koolatron provides a 90-day undertaking on the ice chest. Handy Bottle HolderYou won't have to worry about forgetting the bottle opener with the Koolatron CLIC-13 COORS Light 13L Ice Chest. A stainless steel opener is mounted equity on the front for easy access.

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Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions

With contributions from the fields of pharmacy, dietetics, and medicine, Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions serves as an interdisciplinary guide to the prevention and correction of negative food-drug interactions. Rather than simply list potential food-drug interactions, this book provides explanations and gives specific recommendations based on the frequency and severity of reactions. Each chapter brings together the unique talents and knowledge of practitioners in different disciplines who provide a clear, thorough treatment of this important subject.

The Narrative Paradigm as a Perspective for Improving Effective Evaluation of Advertising

This study explores Fisher's narrative rationality paradigm as an alternative approach to evaluating advertising effectiveness. Advertisements for three different brands of beer were evaluated by Fisher's narrative paradigm to evaluate the ads' ability to provide a good story. The advertisements also were examined via a more traditional approach using attractive and memorable executive elements to examine the ads' recall effectiveness. Results from the two examinations were then compared to determine whether Fisher's narrative rationality offers a viable alternative to traditional approaches when evaluating advertising effectiveness. Results showed that the ranking of narrative paradigm evaluation and the executive elements examination are the same. The findings suggest that the...

Spinning Wheels (From DC to PGH – Day 10)

As I emerged from my sleeping bag and tent around six in the morning, I realized that this was the first time in over nine years that I had camped alone. I often cycle and hike alone but had not camped alone overnight since an overnight backpacking trip in the West Virginia Dolly Sods Wilderness in June of 2007. I had not camped alone while on a cycling trip in over forty years. I knew before leaving on this trip that my stove’s gas canister was almost empty but decided not to carry a second canister because I knew that running out of fuel might be an inconvenience but, in the warmth of early August, would not be a safety... It turned out that I had enough fuel to boil water for last night’s dinner and this morning’s oatmeal but ran out while boiling water for a cup of coffee. So as not to go without my morning cup of Joe, I used a heat tab from my emergency supply to finish heating a cup of water to boiling for coffee. I was cycling again by 7:45 AM and rolled into Cumberland about an hour and fifteen minutes later. I stopped at the Cumberland Trail Connection where I purchased a few souvenir decals and an ice cold bottle of Snapple Iced Tea. Then I rode over to the National Park Service visitor center where I washed my hands and face in the restroom, filled up both of my water bottles with cold water from the water fountain, and bought a souvenir pin, patch, and hiking staff medallion. While cycling around the area I snapped some photos, including picture of the iconic brass sidewalk inlay marking the beginning of the Great Allegheny Passage. As I rode out of Cumberland and reached the section of the Great Allegheny Passage that more or less parallels the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, I started gaining the elevation I had dreaded. As I stopped for rest breaks at milepost 5 and 11, I was glad I was riding in the cooler morning before the real August heat and humidity of the afternoon set in. Not long after my mile 11 rest stop, I passed three cyclists off to the side of the... In less than half a mile, however, I realized that my rear tire going flat. I surmised that there must have been some sharp debris on the trail that cause both me and the other cyclist to experience a flat within the same half mile section of trail. Since I was about only five miles from the end of my ride, however, I decided to pump the tire up with air using my frame pump and try to finish the ride without stopping to patch the flat. After another mile or so I again noticed that my rear tire was going flat. Still not wanting to stop to repair a flat so close to the end of my trip, I peddled on to the Frostburg trail head where I used the repair station pump to bring my rear tire up to 80 psi and then headed up the switchback leading to the Trail Inn... While I still had to get up to the trail Inn, arrange for a shuttle back to Cumberland, and drive home, I now felt like my ride was complete. I had not accomplished the feat in one trip, but I had accomplished it. The last eleven miles so had not been the most scenic. There were few scenic overlooks, little history, and with the Scenic Railroad right next to the trail, I did not feel like I was out in the wild like I had on many other sections of the Towpath and GAP. While I had dreaded encountering the elevation gain between Cumberland and Frostburg, I had managed to cycle the distance without shifting into my granny gear. In fact, the ride from Cumberland to Frostburg had not seemed as grueling as the shorter ride from Frostburg to Cumberland that Vince and I had cycled over two months earlier. The short switchback connector trail from the Frostburg trailhead up to the Trail Inn was another story. Not only did the steep serpentine trail force me into my lowest gear, but so did the sharp turns. Even if I had been able to ride faster in a higher gear I probably would not have been able to make the several turns if I had been cycling any faster. I remember that when Vince and I descended this path from the Trail Inn down to the trailhead that we had to brake to near stopping in order to negotiate the tight 180’s. After huffing and puffing up the Trail Inn, I parked my bike in from of the... I had just cycled between 75-76 miles in less than 24 hours.


  1. More beer odors at 27th/Taylor. A good crowd outside the Corvallis House. • More litter. Coors. Bud Light. Bud Light. Another Sprite … also have seen some Gatorade bottles. • An alley behind Taylor that has seen a lot of activity in recent years is quiet.
  2. NEW YORK—What do you want me to say? That by 8:30 p.m. all the NYPD officers outside the lobby of the Hilton Midtown were carrying machine guns? That a bottle of Coors Light cost $10 and we weren't allowed to use the ATM in the hotel and had to walk 
  3. While hobbies can range from pick-up soccer to coin collecting or rocketry to knitting, there aren't many that result in a cold glass of beer at the end. As Chicago's 
  1. That ring on your finger looks like a recycled Coors Light bottle.
  2. The fact that @big_bob_nix and I just finished a bottle of jack and a case of coors light by yourselves....means we won
  3. 12 pk of coors light and a bottle of fire ball please!


Thermos Bottle Stew (bay leaf, celery, basil, oregano, parsley, ground beef, onions, salt, water)

Crunchy and Light Waffles for Two (baking powder, butter, eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar)

Light Wheat Beer Bread (baking powder, beer, bread flour, butter, salt, sugar substitute, sugar, flour)

Light & Luscious Vegetarian Quesadilla (spinach, black beans, flour tortillas, gouda cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, shallot)


Coors Light - Official Site
Visit our website for more information about cold filtered Coors Light beer, and to keep up with our latest videos and social campaigns.

Coors Brewing Company - Official Site
Welcome to the Coors Banquet Beer website. Learn more about our history, brewing process, tours, commercials, and products.

Calories in Coors - Coors Light | Nutrition and Health Facts
Curious about how many calories are in Coors Light? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.

Pictures Blog: Coors Light Beer Bottle

Pictures Blog: Coors Light Beer Bottle
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coors light coors light coors light canada

coors light coors light coors light canada
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Coors Bottle

Coors Bottle
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Home brewing hobbyists talk the craft of making beer
“It’s like pumpkin pie in a bottle!” For DePaul alumnus Ryan Yester ... I mean he’d drink now and then – but it didn’t matter if it was a two dollar Coors Light or some fancy IPA (India Pale Ale). And then after retirement, he got into making ...

Police: Man found with empty alcohol bottles in his vehicle arrested
Police said that Patricio Cigarroaborjas, 29, was found with three empty bottles of Jack Daniels Whiskey, totaling 300 milliliters, and four 12-ounce open Coors Light containers, after being involved in a wreck that caused minor injuries to another person ...

At the President’s Victory Party
That by 8:30 p.m. all the NYPD officers outside the lobby of the Hilton Midtown were carrying machine guns? That a bottle of Coors Light cost $10 and we weren’t allowed to use the ATM in the hotel and had to walk across the street and wait for a customer ...