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Light bulbs are perfectly possibly one of the best inventions to come from the Victorian era. They discovered that we could use an electrical current to make a wire.

The Upper-class Smart Light Bulb

Light bulbs are uncluttered devices. You screw a light bulb into a fixture, flip the switch, and you have light. Smart light bulbs do a lot more. They can deliver all colors of light, simulating anything from bright sun to warm candlelight or even pink



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LED Concepts Stem light Bulb, Plant Light for Hydropoics Greenhouse Organic ( E27 12w 3 Bands)


Price: $19.99

HYDROPONIC Cultivate LIGHT - Gives plants and fruits that extra needed boost of light - Rapidly improves plant health and growth within 2 weeks of circadian grow light usage LED TECHNOLOGY - Provides 12 LED (3 blue and 9 red) ultra-bright lighting for plants and fruits - 4 peaks of lump (660 and 430nm; 630 and 460nm) for maximum chlorophyll A and B production HOW IT WORKS - Emits a wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants photosynthesis - Plants and fruits revelation to red light creates efficiency and promotes photosynthesis DESIGNED TO - Fit standard E27 socket for high luminous efficiency and extra-long aid life on low power consumption - Does not generate any noticeable heat while in use IDEAL FOR - Indoor garden hydroponics, grow tents, H2O systems, and in most other hydroponic systems - Appropriate for all stages of plant growth

Songbird Chickadee Garden Guardianship Painted Night Light Ibis and Orchd

Songbird Chickadee Garden Guardianship Painted Night Light Ibis and Orchd

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Price: $18.19

You'll sensibly be singing with happiness when you see how beautiful this songbird night light looks in your home. The pretty design and hand painted style of this darkness light make it perfect for decorating any room in your home; it looks just as great in the front hallway as it does in the kitchen as it does in the master bedroom. This non-stop light also works well as a thoughtful housewarming gift. Measures approximately 5 1/2 x 3 x 2 inches. Made of bonded marble, hand-painted. Off/On swop; bulb included. Not a toy, keep out of reach of children. Made by Ibis and Orchid, imported; gift boxed

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101 Wonderful Lightbulb Jokes

This side-splitting accumulation of 101 of the best lightbulb jokes you have ever heard is dangerously funny! Jack Goldstein aims his humour cannon at older children with this gay joke book containing over one hundred jokes that will have the whole family laughing. Organised into categories so you have a lightbulb joke for every cause, this is an ideal addition to any budding comedian’s bookshelf. How many seabirds does it take to change a light bulb? About four or five terns ought to do the machination...

Why Do the Lights Find On?

When you go into a room and flip a light switch, a lightbulb turns on, illuminating the area. But how does one small switch do such a large job? Why Do the Lights Turn On? enlightens readers about the method behind electricity and circuits through full-color illustrations and photographs.


  1. Light bulbs are uncluttered devices. You screw a light bulb into a fixture, flip the switch, and you have light. Smart light bulbs do a lot more. They can deliver all colors of light, simulating anything from bright sun to warm candlelight or even pink
  2. Just forwards of Donald Trump's inauguration, the Obama administration published rules that would hurry the phaseout of incandescent lightbulbs and protect more 
  3. See the analytical criticize on how Internet of Things along with Blockchain are changing our everyday life.
  1. Q: How uncountable Microsoft vice presidents does it take to change a light bulb?A: Eight. One to work the bulb, and seven to m
  2. How numerous servers does it take to change a light bulb? "That's not my side work" And that's #restaurant life
  3. @Ry_Francis Propitious grief... like how many people does it take to change a light bulb! Good work guys , well done


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An Present of Lighted Poetic Candles for Steve Page
Reposting this in my spot here for him Steve Page is a child at heart- in and out of Flickr, you will find much of this veritable Peter Pan in yet another of his sites where he lists his favorite cameras as Canon 5D Brand II and Canon 7D and his favorite journal as predictably: Wall Street, amongst other things. I quote what this wise guy wrote in his profile: “I have a passion for photography and all the wonderful artistic things we can do with the equipment and technology now available. I have had a love affair with cameras since I was a boy and that love remains after many years. I’m retired after a completely rewarding 37 year career in sales and management in the computer industry. That background makes for a natural marriage with the outlandish computer hardware and software that is also available for our use today. I’m a convert to all Mac equipment after having worked with microprocessors since their inception. I have been retired for 10 benefit years and during that time I have...
Window Apples
Nimble Assignment Weekly: Backlighting Was working at my desk when inspired by the multicolored bulb in one of my desk lamps. I put my glass apple in front of the lorgnon lamp shade, used my spider-leg tripod, and shot with 200 ISO in Program mode with negative EV settings. Basic PP just mixed up with increases in exposure comp and a little vibrance & cool filters for the cooler version. When I had a cool version and a warm form, I thought they'd look good together, side by side, as a diptych. BTW, does anyone know how to keep the Exif info on a photo when the photo is transfered onto a new, plain background in PS?
Chandeleir at the Taj Castle Hotel in Delhi
This is just one of the innumerable dozen chandelliers at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi. They use the old fashioned filament bulbs, which have a low basic price, but consume large amounts of drive. A hotel at which I have attended I do not know how many seminars, including those on envronment. And hotels will alsohave the sweet little card in the rooms important you to switch off the lights, which will go off anyways when you pull that plastic thingie out? Now here's more - customer delight also means, apparently, jamming my data card. Works thoroughly when you step out into the lawms or drive out of the portico. Why are we paying for the Taj Palace Hotel's inefficiencies?