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Blue Collar Beer Review: Natural Light

Drinking the Official Beer of Keeping it Real and listening to jams cause it's what i do.

House full of beer cans tops the list of most-clicked homes on

The Texas home was covered wall to wall with empty cans of "Natty Light" beer (properly called Natural Light). To top it off, there were monstrous cobwebs visible in each photo of the interior of the home. With the median list price in Sanger, Texas



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MainMerch Men's Natural Light Griseous Beer Logo T-Shirt

MainMerch Men's Natural Light Griseous Beer Logo T-Shirt


Price: $29.95

Colourless Natural Light beer logo t-shirt. Made of 100% real cotton, this shirt features a faded Natty Light logo on front. Officially licensed.

Yoke Drinking Beer At Inner Tube Floating Party On The Canvas Traditional 1 5/8" Natural Espresso Wood Grain 24x29 Photo Canvas

Yoke Drinking Beer At Inner Tube Floating Party On The Canvas Traditional 1 5/8" Natural Espresso Wood Grain 24x29 Photo Canvas

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Price: $228.00

Yoke drinking beer at inner tube floating party on the" is an art print by Alfred Eisenstaedt from The Life Picture Collection. Get photo prints of "Several drinking beer at inner tube floating party on the" in a variety of frames, styles, and materials. Photographer Bio Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995), or Eisie to those who knew him, received his from the word go camera as a gift from his uncle at 14, a few years after moving to Berlin from Poland with his family. At 17, he was drafted to the German army. His lending fee in photography blossomed while recovering from a shrapnel wound. He became a regular at museums, studying light and composition. By 31, he was a full-occasion photographer. In 1933 he was sent to Italy where he shot the first meeting between Hitler and Mussolini. Two years later, when Hitler came to power, Eisie immigrated to America. A moment after arriving in New York, he was hired along with three other photographers-Margaret Bourke-White, Thomas McAvoy and Peter Stackpole-by Just the same from time to time Inc. founder Henry Luce for a secret start-up venture known as "Project X." Six months later, Life magazine premiered on November 23, 1936. The beginning issue sold for 10 cents and featured five pages of Eisie's pictures. His most famous photo was the desert in Times Square on V-J day, about which he said, "I was running along the street grabbing any and every girl in sight. Whether she was a grandmother, heavy-set, thin, old, didn't make any difference. None of the pictures that were possible pleased me. Then, suddenly in a flash I saw something white being grabbed. I turned and clicked the stage the sailor kissed the nurse." Over his career, Eisie shot a total of nearly 100 covers for Life magazine and some 10,000 prints. The Life story Picture Collection From one of the most iconic magazines ever to hit the shelves comes The Life Collection - an archive of some of the most recognizable symbolism of the 20th Century. Documenting events in politics, culture, celebrity, the arts and the American...

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption goes to the very roots of nearly all human societies. Different countries and regions have become associated with different sorts of alcohol, for instance, the “beer culture” of Germany, the “wine culture” of France, Japan and saki, Russia and vodka, the Caribbean and rum, or the “moonshine culture” of Appalachia. Wine is used in religious rituals, and toasts are used to seal business deals or to celebrate marriages and state dinners. However, our relation with alcohol is one of love/hate. We also regulate it and tax it, we pass laws about when and where it’s appropriate, we crack down severely on drunk driving, and the United States and other countries tried the failed “Noble Experiment” of Prohibition. While there are many encyclopedias on alcohol, nearly all...

Travels with Barley

Do beer yeast rustlers really exist? Who patented the Beer Goddess? How can you tell a Beer Geek from a Beer Nazi? Where exactly is Beervana? Does Big Beer hate Little Beer? Ken Wells, a novelist, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and longtime Wall Street Journal writer, answers these questions and more by bringing a keen eye and prodigious reportage to the people and passions that have propelled beer into America's favorite alcoholic beverage and the beer industry into a $75 billion commercial juggernaut, not to mention a potent force in American culture. Travels with Barley is a lively, literate tour through the precincts of the beer makers, sellers, drinkers, and thinkers who collectively drive the mighty River of Beer onward. The heart of the book is a journey along the Mississippi River,...

Silents nights: Stocking-stuffers for those long winter evenings, the sequel

A welcome translation, long awaited. From 1991 to 2003, the University of Wisconsin Press published an even dozen books of cinema history in the series Wisconsin Studies in Film. In a little over a decade, we accomplished our simple goal of fostering excellent historical studies in an era when it was far less easy to get such books published than it is now. Among the dozen was Film Essays and Criticism , a volume of previously untranslated reviews and essays by Rudolf Arnheim (1997). That volume was made possible by the dedication of Brenda Benthien, its translator. She has brought to fruition a translation of the important classic book, Rudolf Kurtz’s 1926 Expressionismus und Film. Kurtz’s book has been important enough to warrant two reprint editions in German, one in 1965 by Verlag Hans Rohr, with the illustrations all in black and white and the original cover painting by Paul Leni not used, and another in 2007 by Taschen... The English translation, published earlier this year by John Libbey, essentially replicates the 2007 edition, including the cover design and the Kiening/Beil essay. The color illustrations, such as the frontispiece, a design by Walter Reimann for Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (top), are also reproduced. Kiening and Beil are listed as editors here as well. As they point out in their brief introduction to the English edition, there had already been translations into French and Italian, but without the illustrations. Our English version may be late, but it comes much closer to replicating Kurtz’s original. Kurtz’s title sums up his approach. He defines Expressionism in relation to the other arts of the era, particularly painting and theatre, and discusses the style of six films. Of these, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Waxworks are familiar. The Alpha editions of Genuine and Raskonikow are, by report, American cut-down versions with poor visuals. One benefit of consulting the original or Benthien’s translation is to reveal that Siegfried Kracauer distorted the famous quotation from designer Hermann Warm that he includes in From Caligari to Hitler : “Films must be drawings brought to life”... The Kiening and Beil essay mentioned above is included in the translation. It is a substantial piece, taking up 75 pages of the book’s total of 214. The authors explain Kurtz’s background in the art world and film industry of the era, as well as discussing conceptions of Expressionism in the years leading up to the... They cite many contemporary theorists’ and critics’s views of of Expressionism in the cinema. Kiening and Beil flesh out Kurtz’s work by pointing out several Expressionist or semi-Expressionist films that Kurtz doesn’t mention. They explain how From Caligari to Hitler and (slightly later) Lotte Eisner’s The Haunted Screen became popular as explications of Expressionist cinema, leaving Kurtz in relative obscurity until recent decades. In short, the essay, entitled simply “Afterword,” is an erudite and invaluable addition to this edition of Kurtz’s book. Way back in 1969, when I was taking my first film class, I saw The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and became fascinated with German silent cinema, especially the Expressionist movement. I still retain a surprising willingness to sit through German films of the era–even mediocre ones–with their slow pace and heavy acting. Back in those early days, I tried to see the German classics, many of which were available in poor 8mm and 16mm copies. At the time of that viewing, film studies were still in their early days, and just about everyone assumed that a film was “cinematic” if it had quite a bit of editing and camera movement. The Student of Prague , like many films of its era,.


  1. The Texas home was covered wall to wall with empty cans of "Natty Light" beer (properly called Natural Light). To top it off, there were monstrous cobwebs visible in each photo of the interior of the home. With the median list price in Sanger, Texas
  2. Empty beer cans carpet the floor, trash is piled up in the kitchen and spiderwebs cover the walls. The hallway floor is completely covered by cans and boxes of Natural Light beer. While empty boxes of the cheap beer are piled up as high as the cabinets
  3. Bud Light wins, followed by Coors Lighter, Budweiser, Miller Light, and Corona Extra.
  1. Drinking a Natural Light by @AnheuserBusch -
  2. Drinking a Natural Light by @AnheuserBusch @ Santa's Pub —
  3. @KristinaJoLynn to a Natural Light beer: "This reminds me of a graham cracker."


Red Eye (Red Beer) (beer, lime, olives, salt, tomato juice)

Light Wheat Beer Bread (baking powder, beer, bread flour, butter, salt, sugar substitute, sugar, flour)

Cranberry Pear Sauce (Light Recipe) (bartlett pear, cinnamon, grape juice, dried cherries, cranberries, sugar)

Beer and Brown Sugar Steak Marinade (black pepper, brown sugar, beer, garlic powder, salt, teriyaki sauce)


Natural Light - Official Site
Act natural with Natty. Natural Light is the official beer of keeping it real and letting things just happen. Learn more about ice-cold Natty.

Natural Light - Wikipedia
Natural Light is a reduced-calorie light pilsner brewed by Anheuser-Busch since its introduction on July 31, 1977. Its ingredients are listed as water, barley malt ...

Natural Light | Anheuser-Busch | BeerAdvocate
Natural Light is a Light Lager style beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch in Saint Louis, MO. 47 out of 100 with 533 reviews, ratings and opinions.

Natural Light Beer, 12 fl oz -

Natural Light Beer, 12 fl oz -
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Pics Photos - Funny Natty Light Natural Light Beer Logo White Iphone 4 ...

Pics Photos - Funny Natty Light Natural Light Beer Logo White Iphone 4 ...
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Natural Light Beer, 12 fl oz, 30 pack: Beverages :

Natural Light Beer, 12 fl oz, 30 pack: Beverages :
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Maldivian Drink with Modern Style
Maldives Food more imagesMaldives Food and Drinks Food and Drinks As the Maldives comprises more sea than land, it is only natural that fish (mainly tuna) have always been the most prominent element of Maldivian food. However, with travelers from different parts of the world, new seasonings and vegetables were introduced in to the country and added to the existing (limited) repertoire of seafood and tubers (e.g. taro & sweet potato). Each new discovery was incorporated into the diet in quantities most palatable to Maldivians. A traditional meal consists of rice and garudhiya (fish soup), with fish, chilli, lemon and onion. Curries are also used instead of garudhiya. Fish paste known as rihaakuru is also a fine side dish. Alternately, roshi (chapati) and mas huni (made of grated coconut, fish, lemon and onions) are a popular dish. Fried yams are also widely eaten. Sweet dishes include custard, bodibaiy (rice mixed with sugar) and fruits such as bananas, mangoes and papayas....
Ginger Beer
What I'm Drinking Tonight: Hitachino Nest Beer's Real Ginger Brew. I expected this to be pretty garish and over-flavored. My taste-buds informed me that I was completely wrong. This tastes like a less biting, more alcoholic version of a ginger root beer soft-drink. I am buying more of this for special occasions.
Christmas Beer!
Messing around with my new D300 and my 50mm 1.8. Testing low-light results sans flash. I'm very happy - this was taken at 3200 ISO. It's a little dark, but I like the nice, warm, natural light.
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