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Trouble shoot a refrigeration condensing unit

I trouble shoot a refrigeration system then make the repairs Allied Refrigeration 440-823-5720.

Colruyt opens two HFC-free stores

Leading Belgian retailer Colruyt has opened two renovated supermarkets fitted with refrigeration systems based on the hydrocarbon propene (also known as propylene), a natural refrigerant. The first store, in Kortrijk, opened on 7 December and the

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3.2-Cu-Ft Refrigerator - Igloo - FR834a

3.2-Cu-Ft Refrigerator - Igloo - FR834a

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $148.00

3.2-Cu-Ft Refrigerator - Igloo - FR834a

Frost-FreeUndercounter Refrigerator With A Stainless Steel Door In Black

Frost-FreeUndercounter Refrigerator With A Stainless Steel Door In Black

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $1251.30

SUMMIT brings outstanding quality under the counter with the fully featured, frost-free FF590SSHH all-refrigerator. Made in North America, the FF590SSHH is ENERGY STAR qualified and rated to perform with more efficiency than the federal standards require. The front-breathing design allows full built-in installation under counters, while the fully finished cabinet also allows freestanding use. The exterior features a textured black cabinet and reversible wrapped stainless steel door complete with a sleek horizontal handle that matches many popular styles of kitchen cabinetry. Inside, the FF590SSHH offers 5.7 cu. ft. of storage. Frost-free operation ensures a low maintenance performance. Spill-proof glass shelves and door racks offer convenient storage solutions. This unit also includes an easily accessible adjustable thermostat and an automatic interior light.

Refrigerator Guide


This book is designed for a first course in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The subject matter has been developed in a logical and coherent manner with neat illustrations and a fairly large number of solved examples and unsolved problems. The text, developed from the author’s teaching experience of many years, is suitable for the senior-level undergraduate and first-year postgraduate students of mechanical engineering, automobile engineering as well as chemical engineering. The text commences with an introduction to the fundamentals of thermo-dynamics and a brief treatment of the various methods of refrigeration. Then follows the detailed discussion and analysis of air refrigeration systems, vapour compression and vapour absorption refrigeration systems with special emphasis on...

Modern Diesel Technology: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Easy to read yet technically precise, MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING, AND REFRIGERATION, 2nd Edition is the text of choice for many of the country’s best diesel technology programs! Detailing the foundations of truck heating, air conditioning, engine cooling, and truck-trailer refrigeration, the book integrates modern technical terms with photos that clearly demonstrate typical, on-the-job tasks in logical sequence. Coverage includes an entire section on thermodynamics, as well as solid instruction on safety, equipment, components, troubleshooting, performance testing, maintenance, and even the history of HVAC/R in the diesel trucking industry. Enhanced with photos, drawings, and self-testing questions in each chapter, MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: HEATING,...

A Brief History of Eggnog

The beverage was often served in a wooden cup , known as a “nog” or “noggin,” so when combined with one of the main ingredients, egg, the name came naturally. Does eggnog actually contain eggs. However, today’s supermarket eggnogs, which are regulated by the FDA , contain very little egg, and certainly do not contain alcohol. For those looking to get a taste of the original beverage, a homemade recipe will likely come closest to the original thing, which consisted of milk, egg, and plenty of alcohol. There are also plenty of spices added to eggnog, including nutmeg and cinnamon, as well as vanilla. Early eggnog dating back to Medieval Europe included a distilled liquor, milk, egg, and spices, and the beverage jumped across the pond with the colonization of America. “A lot of what people consumed in England and Colonial America contained alcohol,” Opie told Eater. Alcohol was safer to drink than straight milk, he said, and was often added to dairy to kill any harmful bacteria that often appeared in dairy products. Eggnog at that time was very thick and mostly contained rum, which was a common alcoholic beverage in the colonies. When made in advance , and when made with eggs, alcohol cures the raw eggs, eliminating potentially harmful bacteria. In fact, some modern recipes recommend letting eggnog sit for a few days up to a few weeks for this exact reason. In the early days of eggnog, when spices were a luxury, they were most likely to be used around special occasions like winter holidays, baked into dishes and desserts and added to drinks, according to Opie. The winter months also provided a refrigerator effect for eggnog: while the alcohol prevented the spread of bacteria, the cold air helped the milk and cream stay cool, and over time, eggnog became a regular element of the holiday season. Are there different kinds of eggnog. James Norton, the editor of Heavy Table in Minnesota and an eggnog aficionado, says when it comes to the eggnog the average person can purchase at the grocery store, there are two varieties: drinking and mixing. Between those two varieties, he says, there is a two-part distinction between sweetness and thickness. “When mixing, sweetness is a great asset,” Norton says. The mixing eggnogs can taste overly sweet when consumed straight, but when cut with a choice liquor (like rum or brandy), the beverage strikes a balance. “The mixing eggnog is almost glue like,” Norton says. “When you’re cutting it with an alcoholic spirit, it makes total sense. Meanwhile, the drinking eggnogs are more liquid and less viscous, more akin to milk. Norton’s personal favorite is Organic Valley eggnog, and he’d rather drink it straight, accompanied with an Old Fashioned, saying he’s perfectly happy double fisting. “Part of what i'm doing when I'm drinking eggnog is harkening back to my childhood,” Norton says, reaching for a familiar comfort and simplicity. How do you make it. Over the years, countless eggnog recipes cropped up in recipe books, online compendia, and blogs, but for a historical precedent, let’s take a look at the recipe of one Founding Father and the first President of the United... Washington’s eggnog is not a simple one — by no means did he pour out a milky liquid from a carton and stir in some rum. The recipe involves plenty of booze, stiffly beaten egg whites, and days of curing before serving. Here’s a look at Washington’s eggnog, courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac :. “One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, ½ pint rye whiskey, ½ pint Jamaica rum, ¼ pint sherry—mix liquor first, then separate... Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days.


  1. Leading Belgian retailer Colruyt has opened two renovated supermarkets fitted with refrigeration systems based on the hydrocarbon propene (also known as propylene), a natural refrigerant. The first store, in Kortrijk, opened on 7 December and the
  2. During an emergency, having blood on hand for transfusions is critical. But blood needs proper refrigeration, making on the spot care a difficult task. But what if paramedics were equipped with bags of powdered blood cells that could be combined with
  3. LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio's latest report on the global commercial refrigeration market provides an analysis on the most important trends expected to impact the market outlook from 2016-2020. Technavio defines an emerging trend as a factor 
  1. Are you a refrigeration engineer? Get your site reviewed via our #directory @ #TFPL
  2. Global Market of HVAC and Refrigeration Is Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 5.50% During Forecast 2016 to 2024 #pr
  3. Commercial refrigeration is a must have for any food service operation. Buy yours today and save in 2017!…


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Refrigeration - Wikipedia
Refrigeration is a process of moving heat from one location to another in controlled conditions. The work of heat transport is traditionally driven by mechanical work ...

Atlanta Refrigeration Service
Atlanta Refrigeration Service provides fast, personalized service on commercial refrigeration, cooking equipment, ice machines and HVAC to our restaurant clients.

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К сожалению, в данный момент на сайте ведутся технические работы. Вы можете ...



We Persist Magnets (fuji_fleximagnet)

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Perfect message for your fridge.


US * U.S.A. Miami - Florida Magnet (zazzle_magnet)

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Here you will find the souvenir of your vacation. This category contains fridge magnets of many locations in United States of America, Miami - Florida. Amaze friends and relatives with the unique souvenirs from your great trip! Try us!

Refrigeration: A Refrigeration System

Refrigeration: A Refrigeration System
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Refrigeration and Ice Machines | DK Air Conditioning, Heating ...

Refrigeration and Ice Machines | DK Air Conditioning, Heating ...
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Refrigeration: Refrigeration Us

Refrigeration: Refrigeration Us
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