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Maurice Franklin Louver-3" Round Whey-faced Polypropylene Plastic Louver with Insect Screen... Maurice Franklin Louver-3" Round Whey-faced Polypropylene Plastic Louver with Insect Screen System (Priced Per Bag of 4). Item #3" PLW-100


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Tiny House 78 - Soffit Vents Install

In this video I install some soffit vents to help get that heat out of the attic area. I hear it also gives winter time moisture a place to escape.

De Marne: How do you remove an outdoor carpet?

When you replace the roof shingles with a combination of a ridge vent and continuous soffit vents on the front and back eaves of your house, make sure that there is an unobstructed space between the soffits and the ridge vents. This may require



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5 Things Often Neglected By Homeowners That Cost Money

Whether you’re a new homeowner or still live in the home you were born in, it’s a good idea to reacquaint yourself with the spaces and systems that see little light of day. Out of sight really is out of mind and in the case of your home, is costing you money by shortening the lifespan of your appliances and claddings. The items on this list are universal, and I can just about guarantee that one of these items, at least, will apply to you. Wood, metal, floor and shingle all age and degrade even if you don’t see it happening. Make a point to walk it thru once a year or so and address small issues before they become emergencies. It can be in a closet, the basement, an attic and even in an outside utility space, but, wherever it is, when was the last time you actually put eyes on it. Any maintenance. The nature of a metal tank full of water is to rust. Add that to the electrolysis of the dissimilar metals at the water and gas hookups, and you can easily cost yourself some loot by ignoring it. Even the smallest of rust holes will require replacement and and bare minimum $500. Personally, my 12... I have replaced hundreds and 90% of them are leaking from where the bottom has rusted through due to sitting in a pan that doesn't drain correctly. A great deal of water condenses in the unit and it has to be drained somewhere. These will usually sit in a shallow pan with a drain to the outside. On my homes I place the drain out of the rear soffit near a window so that it’s easily checked by looking for the steady drip. The problem usually begins with a piece of insulation falling into the pan and clogging the drain, couple that with an uninformed homeowner and you could have a pan that fills to overflowing during the day, but just enough to grow mold and rot the... I don’t like spiders either but someone has got to go in there at least once a year. BILLIONS of dollars are spent each year to repair rotted out foundations because nobody checks them. Standing water and small plumbing leaks go unnoticed, or even ignored, for years. Your crawlspace needs to be clean and dry all year round. The ground underneath your home needs to be a few inches higher than the surrounding grade to ensure drainage and you need to be able to access and inspect it entirely. Water is only half the problem, your insulation and ductwork is the other. The insulation is applied underneath of your floor and secured with thin metal wire and staples. These have a tendency to rust out quickly, allowing your insulation to sag and/or fall out completely, allowing your heated or cooled air to escape and costing you money. At one time, I was a roofing salesman and I can promise you that your attic ventilation system is directly responsible for the life of your shingles and a large factor in your homes' climate control efficiency. If your roof is more than 10 years old, you probably have an older gable or soffitt vent system. These are louvered vents at the gable ends and perforated panel at your soffitt overhang. It can easily be 120 degrees during the hottest part of the year and those temperatures are baking your shingles from both sides, not to mention the loss of cooling efficiency as your cooled air bangs against that ceiling sheet rock with a... New roofs require a ridge vent simply to stay within warranty and although they are just as simple, a ridge vent is many times more efficient than any other passive ventilation. No matter how well your attic is insulated, you must have ventilation. If you do not have a ridge vent system, you probably have options in the way of powered fans but this would definitely be case by case design. Within city sewer systems, you are responsible for the lines on your property. There is probably a sewer lateral at the street end of your property where your 4" line ties into a much larger collection line that drains to a treatment facility, but, the majority of all clogs happen within the property and are actually caused... Older homes with terracotta and cast iron piping are much more at risk than those with a PVC sewer line, but as a homeowner, no one is immune.


  1. When you replace the roof shingles with a combination of a ridge vent and continuous soffit vents on the front and back eaves of your house, make sure that there is an unobstructed space between the soffits and the ridge vents. This may require
  2. There has always been the threat of wildfire from the late spring through our first or second big storm, but with the drought, the threat has been year-round. We simply haven't had enough rain to quench the thirst of the stressed trees and brush
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3" White Plastic Round Soffit Vents (Pack of 4) -
Maurice Franklin Louver RLW-100 4, 4-Inch Mini Round Aluminum Insect Proof Mini Louvers With Screen, White (Pack of 4)

White Plastic Round Soffit Vents (Pack of 4) - -

White Plastic Round Soffit Vents (Pack of 4) - -
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Product Code: PRMX-RDV4S

Product Code: PRMX-RDV4S
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Round soffit vent with molded-in screen

Round soffit vent with molded-in screen
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De Marne: How do you remove an outdoor carpet?
Mount Prospect, Illinois, via email A: The photo you sent shows a gable vent. When you replace the roof shingles with a combination of a ridge vent and continuous soffit vents on the ... 1 quart fresh bleach and 3 quarts water. Rinse the solution off.

Types of Soffit Vents
Soffit ... of these vents is based on these basic categories and the three types of soffit vents are as follows: Custom Shape Soffit Vents These vents are mostly found in custom houses. There are two shapes of vents in this category, the round shaped ...

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