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How To Install Soffit And Fascia

house-improvements. com shows you how to install soffit and fascia on your next home improvement DIY project.

Tips for properly venting an attic

Q. I am having my roof reshingled and am weighing the option of having a ridge vent installed at the same time. I have gable vents that seem to function well; one end seems to allow hot air out, and the other apparently has a good intake of air. I will



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Dundas Jafine Soffit Deplete Vent

Dundas Jafine Soffit Deplete Vent

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Price: $18.89

Consume Soffit Vent - Adjustable to fit 4, 5, and 6 duct. For bathroom and kitchen fan venting. Outer grill and flap prevent unwanted pests from entering tellingly. Stylish flush mount design is paintable to match the exterior color of home. Leakproof collar to duct friend at court prevents moist air backdraft. Includes: Installation instructions, stencil template, and 3 mounting screws. Tools required: Bore with driven attatchment, saw, utility knife (if connecting 5 duct), and metal clamp (same diameter as duct). - Size: Fits 4, 5 & 6 Duct, Quintessence: Adjustable, Color: Paintable



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Price: $16.19

No poverty to penetrate the roof or wall Flapper lets out hot moist air while keeping out cold air Mounts flush to soffit for virtually invisible camp Meets CSA codes and standards Connects to either 4 or 5 ducting or flex hose Overall size 6. Vinyl 7 Oz. Package Size In=3

Soffit Guide

Home Improvement 1-2-3

A comprehensive illustrated manual from the experts at Home Depot offers guidance on all aspects of home remodeling, decorating, and repair, outlining clear, step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself projects.

Craftsman's Construction Installation Encyclopedia

"Step-by-step installation instructions for most repair and remodeling and residential construction tasks. Dozens of jobs, arranged alphabetically. Fully illustrated with tips and tricks-of-the-trade. Includes man hours for each entry for estimating and bidding."

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

I've had fantastic luck installing bathroom exhaust fans that are actually located in the attic space. They resemble central vacuum systems inasmuch as the fan motor is located perhaps 8 or 10 feet away from the bathroom. Most builder-grade fan motors are just inches away from the bathroom ceiling. Here's a typical Fantech bath exhaust fan setup. The odd cone-shaped metal thing is the fan. The two boxes that have the round white covers are place up in the ceiling joists of the bathrooms. The fans can come with or without lights All you see are the sleek round white covers. I LOVED these in my last house. I have had the best luck with a switch i bought that monitors the moisture/ condensation in the bathroom and automatically turns on my exhaust fan. The switch is called DewStop, I like it because nobody has to turn it on or off. My kids didnt remember to turn on the timer switch, with this I dont have to worry. My fan wasn't the problem. We have two bathrooms and neither had bathroom fans. About 2 months ago we had them installed. The installer used a fan that is up in the attic and the cover we see in the bathroom looks like an AC register. Two issues I have are: 1) on hot days the bathroom ac vents build up with condensation and 2) I smell the attic air and my entire house has had a cold and congestion since the install (about 2 months). Could the fans be installed incorrectly and causing us to become sick. Tim, I have a great exhaust fan I just installed in my bathroom. I had planned to vent straight up through my attic and out the roof. However, I discovered that I have a slate roof overlaid with a layer of asphalt shingles. I have never worked with slate before, and am uncertain I can seal up whatever hole I create for the roof cap. My house is brick. There are no gable ends or roof peaks near the fan that I could route the ductwork to. It would be too far away. Someone nailed asphalt over slate. The flashing for the fan laces into the asphalt shingles. Did you watch my Bathroom Vent Flashing Video. If not, do it and you'll see how easy it is. If indeed there is slate under the asphalt, you just chip it out of the way. I'd LOVE to see a photo of this slate under asphalt. It had to be installed by the world's most idiotic roofer. These inline exhaust fans work very well partially because they use a high velocity reverse curve blower wheel. My only issue with using one for a bath is a large quantity of dust and lint will accumulate on the blower wheel and in the housing over a short period of time and will eventually need to be cleared out. I generally clean my two Broan s-110 , wheel and housings twice annually. The high humidity from showering helps lint- dust accumulate on these parts. Also once a year I venture up to the roof to clear a tiny accumulation of lint-dust from the 1/4 inch screen in the termination goosenecks (not doing this would render them completely clogged after 5-6 years of regular use). As well , I always use light gauge galvanized rigid duct. Try to go two pipe diameters before changing direction off the discharge ,then wrap with 2. 5 inches of foilback fibreglass. Rigid duct provides far better air flow than flex, and as long as the entire duct is wrapped with sufficient insulation there should be no issues with condensation. The Broan s-110 is a traditional ceiling mounted exhaust fan which is fairly quiet and moves a sufficient amount of air given it is vented properly. Tim, I would like to know how to properly vent my downstairs bathroom. This bathroom has no window due to a den built on this once outside wall. This house is a Colonial style house built in the early 50's, well constructed exterior walls of cinder block & brick. I thought I had an exhaust fan, but I'm learning it's a fan/heater/light on a timer. You need to figure out how to get a 4-inch metal vent pipe from the fan location to the closest outside wall. Then you do the required work to extend the pipe and put on the correct vent hood on the outside wall. It is our primary bathroom. There is a double hung window in the bathroom. We want to ventilate the bathroom w the door closed ( currently we shower w the door open). The window open technique is hot in the summer and very cold in winter. Our attic can't be used as we have vermiculite insulation (asbestos). We are at a loss of how to control the bathroom.


  1. Q. I am having my roof reshingled and am weighing the option of having a ridge vent installed at the same time. I have gable vents that seem to function well; one end seems to allow hot air out, and the other apparently has a good intake of air. I will
  2. The simplest method to install the fan vent duct is to connect it to a vent in the soffit under the roof overhang. Don't just run the duct up into the attic because the excess moisture in your attic can cause problems. If you have a pretty straight
  3. If siding or roof sheathing needs replacement, consider increasing the strength of the structure by installing hurricane/seismic connectors at the rafter-to-wall or truss-to-wall connections. Inspect soffits to determine if structural upgrades are
  1. RT @SheerwaterGlass: Our specialist glazing team has been installing fascias, soffit and claddings in Surrey for more than 40 years. https:…
  2. Our specialist glazing team has been installing fascias, soffit and claddings in Surrey for more than 40 years.…


Installing Soffit & Fascia - Renovation Headquarters
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Installing soffit

Installing soffit
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Building A House - A Simple Plan: Installing Soffits

Building A House - A Simple Plan: Installing Soffits
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dn vinyl soffit aluminum trima dn vinyl soffit saw or circular saw cut ...

dn vinyl soffit aluminum trima dn vinyl soffit saw or circular saw cut ...
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Gaming Floor Décor | Casino Gaming Upgrade | Interior Casino Decor Design | Custom Casino Carpet | Casino Interior Design | Little Creek Casino
This is the overall gaming floor area in the recently upgraded Little Creek Casino located in Shelton, Washington. I-5 Design and Manufacture designed, manufactured and installed this new décor package that included a curving soffit overhead with blue LED lighting to simulate a winding river, two large suspended ‘salmon’ ceiling elements swimming in the raised ceiling area with concealed LED illumination and a custom ‘guardian of the sun’ chandelier in the center to incorporate more tribal artwork, four custom canoe elements which are over 27 feet long and house concealed LED lighting of various colors, ceiling mounted directional signage, custom salmon themed wall murals, custom carpet design and much more. To view more casino decor and casino design elements, see our project profile.
T installing bead board and custom making the soffits for the addition.
December 8, 2003 - soffit installation
Tyler Rendek makes sure the soffits that he is installing are level.
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