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Plies ft. Sean Garret- Street Lights (official lyrics)

shawty you hotter than the street lights.

What Happened to Plies– News & Updates

Winning over many fans with his lyrics and tracks, Plies has released four full-length albums and ten singles since he first put out his initial single back in 2007. Noted for bearing his soul into his music, the artist has received many . On the



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Breakfast on Pluto

Breakfast on Pluto

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From the Publisher: Patrick McCabe creates Mr. Patrick Pussy Braden, the enduringly and endearingly hopeful hero(ine) whose gutty survival and yearning quest for love resonate in and drive the glimmering, agonizing narrative in which the Troubles are a distant and immediate echo and refrain. As Breakfast on Pluto opens, her ladyship, resplendent in housecoat and head scarf, reclines in Kilburn, London, writing her story for the elusive psychiatrist Dr. Terence, paring her fingernails as she reawakens the truth behind her life and the chaos of long-ago days in a city filled with hatred. Twenty years ago, she escaped her hometown of Tyreelin, Ireland, fleeing her foster mother, Whiskers - prodigious Guinness-guzzler, human chimney - and her mad household (endless doorstep babas!), to begin a new life in London. There, in blousey tops and satin miniskirts, she plies her trade, often risking life and limb among the flotsam and jetsam who fill the bars of Piccadilly Circus (You want love? That what you want, orphaned boy without a home? Then die for it! Die! Die, sweet Irish!). But suave businessmen and lonely old women are not the only dangers that threaten Pussy's existence. It is the 1970s, and fear haunts the streets of London and Belfast as the critical mass of history builds up, and Pussy is inevitably drawn into a maelstrom of violence and tragedy destined to blow his fragile soul asunder.

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What Happened to Plies– News & Updates - Gazette Review

Plies is an American rapper who first entered into the music scene with his debut album, The Real Testament in 2007. Having always been one for music, he began to rap as a teen during his high school days. In the late 1990’s, Plies eventually founded the independent recording label, Big Gates Records with his stepbrother after dropping out of college. After showcasing his rapping abilities to one of the company’s artists, he later secured a recording deal with Slip-n-Slide Records. With Plies under the wing of the lane, he released his first single, Shawty in the summer of 2007. it would prove to be a major hit after topping the US Rap Charts. Shortly afterwards, Plies released his debut album, The Real Testament later that year. Winning over many fans with his lyrics and tracks, Plies has released four full-length albums and ten singles since he first put out his initial single back in 2007. Noted for bearing his soul into his music, the artist has received many awards... In 2007, Plies was the recipient of the Ozone Award for the category of “Best Rap/R&B Collaboration” for his work on Shawty. Recognized by his fellow artists in the field, the rapper is also a three time BET Hip-Hop Award nominee (e. g. Ringtone of the Year, People’s Champ Award, Best Collaboration), a four time Ozone Award nominee (E. g. Best Rap Album, Club Banger of... On top of being the co-founder of an independent music label and a recording artist, Plies has also made a handful of appearances on television. He first appeared on television when he starred in the hip-hop documentary, The Good, the Bad and the Bling in 2007. Plies had been amongst a number of rappers who were invited to take part in the project. In 2008, he was also featured in the music series, Access Granted , a show which revealed various tricks of the trade in the making oh hip-hop videos. Later in 2010, Plies also appeared on an episode of The Mo’Nique Show ーa BET talk show hosted by comedian and actress, Mo’Nique. What new projects have he taken on. What happened to Plies. Plies’ Early Life and Start in Music Born on July 1, 1976, in Fort Myers, Florida, Plies (Real name: Algernod Lanier Washington) is the son of Karla and Larry Washington. Growing up in a not-so-nice neighbourhood near East Dunbar, he took to music as a child, an hobby which remained with him throughout his teenaged years. As a teen, Plies went to Fort Myers Senior High school located in Lee County, where he was an active member of the school’s football teamーat the time, he was known for playing both the positions of defensive back and receiver. Popular amongst his peers, Plies was named the “Best Dressed” of his graduating class by his classmates and was also the Homecoming King. After graduating from high school in 1994, the Fort Myers native went to Miami University, where be played in the college football team. Said to be a good receiver, he continued to play under the name of “Nod Washington” until 1997, for a period of two years. Not long after his time at Miami university, Plies relocated to Orlando and transferred to the University of Central Florida. It was also during this time that he revisited his passion for music and began to develop an interest in rap. Soon after, Plies was invited by his older brother, Ronell to help start an independent indie label named, Big Gates Record. it later became the home to three different recording artists (excluding Plies himself). While Plies enjoyed music, it was never his childhood dream to become a rapper. In fact, his career as a R&B artist had come to be after he had demonstrated a few lines of lyrics to one of Big Gates’ artists. at the time, his brother had recorded his rappingーsomething which he eventually ended up putting onto a mix-tape. Citing this incident, Plies would later describe his start in R&B to be “accidental. ” It wasn’t long until the mix-tape which Ronnell had recorded, found its way to the recording label, Slip N’ Slide. Recognizing his talents, the company eventually took Plies under their wing in 2004. A year before signing the record deal, Plies’s girlfriend had also given birth to his son, Nijier Lanier Washington on October 20, 2003. Plies’ Solo Music Career...


  1. Winning over many fans with his lyrics and tracks, Plies has released four full-length albums and ten singles since he first put out his initial single back in 2007. Noted for bearing his soul into his music, the artist has received many . On the
  2. Hillary Clinton has been a fixation for rappers since her first White House residency in the '90s, when she was thrown into hip-hop tracks to represent wealth, power, sex and, uh, cocaine. Some of the lyrics are sweet, others not so much. Now, as HRC
  3. Freddie approached rapping with an unfiltered rawness, his lyrics put you on the corners, the blocks, the bandos, surrounded you with shootouts, starving fiends, and enough drugs to bring Pablo Escobar from the grave. But there was a level of depth to


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plies - street light with lyrics - YouTube

plies - street light with lyrics - YouTube
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Street Light Plies Scott Remix - YouTube

Street Light Plies Scott Remix - YouTube
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Bust It Baby, Pt. 2" Lyrics , Plies , & 55 more Plies lyrics .

Bust It Baby, Pt. 2" Lyrics , Plies , & 55 more Plies lyrics .
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